Ho Ching Working Hard To Reach Goals

As a member of the top-25 outside linebacker club, Toloa'i Ho Ching already has secured two scholarship offers and is intent on securing more options in the future. The fearless, hard-hitting outside linebacker of both Tongan and Samoan descent is focusing on developing a part of his game in order to accomplish just that.

Toloa'i Ho Ching is a humble young man full of gratitude. He's a hard worker both on and off the field, but don't be fooled by his good-guy perception; on the football field, he's an animal. And if you don't believe that, just asked the quarterbacks or running backs that became locked in on his crosshairs and they'll tell you the same.

As for the recruiting process, Ho Ching said things are going great.

"I already have two scholarship offers, one from Wyoming and another from Wisconsin," Ho Ching said. "This weekend I'm heading over to the Aiga Foundation Camp they're having, and I'm also visiting with UCLA and USC while I'm down there. So things are going good. I'm getting handwritten letters from UCLA and I'm getting letters from Oklahoma and other colleges and universities."

During the beginning of BYU's spring camp, Ho Ching and his father visited BYU's campus.

"Things are going good with BYU," Ho Ching said. "They said they are very high on me and I'm very high on them, but they still want to see how I do in the open field and how I cover in space."

There is no question Ho Ching can shed blocks, take good angles, be aggressive in traffic, make sound tackles and sack quarterbacks from his outside position. The question is, how well can he cover in space on a defense that features linebackers required to do just that?

"They want to see how I cover, so I've been working hard at that and getting ready for their next Junior Day, which I think is on June 5th," said Ho Ching. "They said that on my highlights it mostly showed me blitzing most of the time because that's basically how I was used in our style of defense. I was mostly just a blitzing backer. Nowadays and at BYU, you have to be able to cover and work well in space, and that's what they want to see if I can do. It's no biggie and I know it's something I can do, so I'm just getting ready to show them what I can."

When covering in space, an athlete must have good feet and loose hips in order to change directions quickly to keep up with receivers and tight ends. Ho Ching is polishing up on those physical skills prior to his display for the Cougar coaches.

"I just work on my footwork and being able to drop back," said Ho Ching. "It's not so much being able to drop back, but it's just the ability to do it over and over again effectively every play. It's just getting used to being able to do it every play at full speed and then working on your technique and your hips. You have to be able to open up your hips and go, so I'll go and do one-on-ones with the wide receivers to help with that. That's basically all you really do."

As Ho Ching said, he is high on BYU, and he shared the reasons why that is the case.

"My parents and I have always liked BYU," said Ho Ching. "It's just the values they bring to the table on top of great football. It's a great school."

Ho Ching has expressed a desire to serve a mission, and has talked with both Wisconsin and Wyoming about that.

"Their first question to me was, ‘Are you going to serve a mission?'" said Toloa'i. "Of course, I told them that I was. They were both fine with it and were glad because they said that it fit right in with their program."

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