Tanner Hinds Update

Davis High School's Tanner Hinds was named the 29th best prospect overall and third best running back among Scout's Northwest top 50, a list that includes some nationally recruited prospects. Total Blue Sports caught up with Hinds to get an update on how the recruiting scene is going and to get word on his plans for the summer.

Tanner Hinds is doing what he can both on and off the field to help increase his chances of playing at the next level. The Davis High School star racked up some impressive numbers last year and has set some goals for his senior year of prep football.

"I think I'm a quick and agile running back," Hinds said. "I can also catch out of the backfield really well also. Last year I had 1,450 rushing yards and 350 receiving yards. I also had 15 touchdowns."

In the weight room, Hinds bench presses 305 pounds, squats 450 and power cleans 275. He is also involved with running track, which he feels will help him further develop his speed in time for football.

"During the workouts they focus on the quick bursts," Hinds said. "It's all about the quick start and getting to a top speed as fast as you can. My fastest time is 11.5. Last year I ran the 200X but this year I'm just going to focus on the 100X. I think this will help me a lot with football."

Currently, Hinds is receiving recruiting attention from seven colleges from various conferences in the west.

"Idaho, Weber State, UCLA, BYU, Utah State and Colorado are sending me letters," said Hinds. "I'm also getting letters from Utah. They're just sending me letters and calling about their camps and all that stuff."

In addition to attending the All-Poly Camp, Utah State's camp and possibly Colorado's camp, Hinds plans on showcasing his talents for the Cougar coaching staff at BYU's summer camp.

"The coaches at BYU just tell me that they are excited to see me at their camp," Hinds said. "They want to see what I can do and stuff, so I'll be attending that camp as well as some others. I talked to Coach Doman and Coach Tidwell and they said they're excited about seeing me down there at their camp."

That won't be Hinds' first visit to the BYU campus, however. Recently he attended a spring practice session and was able to watch the Cougars run through drills and participate in a scrimmage.

"I was very impressed with how high the intensity was," said Hinds. "It was great to watch how fast they play. Afterwards we were shown around [the facilities] and the weight room. It was great."

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