Goodman has the Goods

Justin Goodman from Blinn Junior College has been hearing from a lot of regional programs and is hopeful that scholarship offers soon follow. Given his stats and the fact that he started last season and will start again for a program that regularly sends a lot of its players to the Division I level, those offers are almost certain to come sooner rather than later.

Justin Goodman is a 5-10 1/2, 195 defensive back prospect who started in Blinn's final seven games last year while amassing an astounding 90 tackles over those seven games playing primarily from the strong safety position. In Goodman's highest-tackling-total game he recorded 19 tackles

"I played both strong safety and cornerback last year", explained Goodman. "In different situations and different sets I'd play either corner or safety. I feel that I could play either position at the next level."

Goodman could readily be described as a player with the speed and quick feet required to play cornerback with the mentality and aggressive nature of a strong safety which is a good combination.

"My slowest forty time was a 4.52 forty and my fastest is around a 4.43", said Goodman. "I feel that I can cover the best and I covered the best last year. Most of the guys I practiced against have now moved on to division-one schools, so I don't think making the switch will be that much different. I really feel that I've played against and done well against division-one talent already while here at Blinn."

Goodman came to Blinn much to the consternation of most of his family members as Goodman describes his family as a "family of teachers." His mother is a teacher and despite that he didn't take high school as seriously as he should have growing up in the Houston area.

"Mom was disappointed that I had to go to a junior college", related Goodman. "I'm getting very good grades now and doing my best to not disappoint here and school and academics is my focus and will be my focus at the next level."

Goodman maintains a 3.6 GPA and is set to graduate this coming December which will make him eligible to transfer midyear which is obviously a huge advantage for junior college players.

Goodman readily cites academics as being the main thing for him from now until he graduates with his planned bachelors degree. Goodman is well-aware that football can end abruptly while needing something to fall back on when it does.

"My mother has taught me well with that and I'm listening now because I probably didn't listen like I should in high school", said Goodman. "While I'm being recruited my mom has encouraged me to make a list of the top-5 things I'm looking for and seeing how each school matches up best with those top things. I haven't made a definite list yet, but I know that list will have academics and the ability to get my degree at the top."

With regards to schools showing him interest Goodman is receiving a lot of attention from schools such as BYU, Tulsa, Baylor and UTEP among a lot of other programs.

"BYU is probably recruiting me the most and showing me the most attention right now", said Goodman. "When my mom heard that BYU liked me she got real excited when hearing about them because she feels that BYU is the type of place that would be good for me with it being a good academic school with not a lot of partying or anything."

Goodman is being recruited primarily by BYU assistant coach Pat Higgins and likes what he has heard about BYU so far.

"I know that they're a mormon school with strict standards and good academics and I like that", said Goodman. "I also know that they usually finish in the top 25 and win their bowl games which I like a lot."

BYU has told Goodman that they need to go over his film together as a staff and that when they do that an offer may very well be forth-coming.

"That would be great", said Goodman about receiving an offer from BYU. "They're a quality program and the type of school I'd like to go to and play for."

Goodman is well-aware that his teammate Chris Aiken has received a BYU offer and mentioned that it would be great to play with his older teammate wherever he goes.

"He's the old man of the team and we tease him all the time about it", said Goodman about Aiken who is 24 years of age having served in the military. "I'm always teasing him and we joke around a lot, He's a great guy and we're good friends, so yeah, I'd love to play with Chris wherever he goes."

Like most junior college recruits at this time Goodman is just going to wait to see what offers come in while being very grateful to those who have helped him get into the position he is now currently. Goodman was sure to point out how grateful he was to his coaching staff and in particular Coach Brownig who has really worked with him in helping him become a better player, student and overall person while he's been at Blinn junior college.

"My coaches are the best", said Goodman. "They gave me a chance to prove myself and have helped me become better in every area of my life. I couldn't be more grateful to them and the help they've been to me since I first got here."

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