Heimuli Excited But Cautious

Things are heating up for Brighton High School defensive tackle Ricky Heimuli. The Utah prospect is feeling the heat as new offers, attention and added pressure from all sides seem to swell around him. However, Heimuli is staying levelheaded and is going to take his time through the process.

To the surprise of Ricky Heimuli, all of a sudden the college football world has turned its focus towards him. This Tongan of humble origins has now become the focus of recruiting for many colleges and high profile coaches from all across the country.

"Things are getting crazy," Heimuli said. "I never thought it would be like this. It's pretty crazy. My latest offer is USC. I've gotten offers from Oklahoma, Nebraska, BYU, USC, Utah, Utah State, Washington State [and] Washington. I've gotten nine scholarships out of the 10 Pac-10 schools. I also got one from Colorado and Michigan State. I never thought it would be anything close to this."

As for Heimuli's most recent offer, it's a big one.

"Oh man, it's pretty good," he said of his offer from USC. "I got a chance to talk to some of the coaches and they are really cool. I'm pretty excited and I'm just trying to know the coaches better and the team. After that we'll see what happens from there."

An offer from USC, a school known primarily for its football, would be exciting for someone looking to be a part of a program with a great tradition and high media visibility. However, the offer doesn't change much for Heimuli.

"Actually, it's still kind of the same even though I got the offer from USC," Heimuli said. "I still want to get to know all of the coaches that have offered me before I make any decision in what's going on and stuff."

Heimuli is LDS and has expressed interest in serving a mission.

"I still want to serve a mission," Heimuli said. "The coaches at USC said it's a go for me, so they said I could go on my mission."

Heimuli, who mentioned that he wants to include prayer into his decision-making process when choosing where to play at the next level, has certain criteria in mind that he'll be looking for when evaluating schools.

"Right now, I think my main focus is the education part," Heimuli said. "After that [I'll focus on] how family orientated they are, like if they keep my family updated on what's going on, and then after that the team unity and the coaches. Those are my main three things I'm looking for."

In a previous interview, Heimuli mentioned that being in a program that focuses on values similar to those he was raised with would play a major part in his final decision. Being LDS, Heimuli mentioned that he was very impressed with how Coach Mendenhall placed football as the fifth most important aspect of his program behind faith, family and other important things.

"Oh yeah, of course those things are still a main factor," Heimuli said. "Those things are still high up in my mind and still some of the main things I want too. When I look at [those] things, they will still be a main factor to me."

So with all the offers he has, is BYU still a school Heimuli is interested in?

"Yeah, of course BYU is still a school I'm interested in," Heimuli said. "I'm still looking at them and I haven't made any changes on how I feel and stuff. As things get closer, that's when I'll start evaluating all the schools. I'll probably wait a bit though before I decide."

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