For the Love of the Game

Ever since growing up as a young boy in Southern California, linebacker Matt Ah You has bled blue and cheered on BYU football. After careful consideration and heartfelt prayer, Ah You made a heartfelt and difficult decision to transfer from the school he loves.

To leave the school he loves just after spring practice despite being a senior and having no redshirt year to spare was a decision that came on the heels of long and strenuous consideration, family discussions and much prayer. In the end, linebacker Matt Ah You decided it was the best decision for him.

"After I prayed and fasted about it with my wife, mom and dad I just felt I needed to move on, you know," Ah You said. "It's hard and disappointing because at BYU we bleed blue, but I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason."

Wanting to be able to compete for more playing time in order to see the field more, Ah You has decided to transfer to another school for that opportunity.

"Last year I was named the starter," said Ah You. "I got hurt for one day during two-a-days. I bruised my sternum and then I got hurt. After that I never really got the chance to become the starter. For me, football is football and I want to play. Football is a game of competition, and as a senior I just want to have the opportunity to play. I would come off the bench more limited than I was last year, and not being able to compete on the field defeats the whole purpose.

"I love my teammates there at BYU. When it comes down to football, it's a game of competition. It's my senior year and I would be coming in when someone was tired or something. For me, that's a very hard thing to watch when I'm playing a game that I love, so I made a very difficult decision and asked to be released."

Although the football side of his BYU experience may not have gone as well as he had always expected, Ah You said his college experience was very good. The decision to leave wasn't an easy one.

"It's pretty hard," Ah You said. "It's Division I football and it's BYU football and people bleed blue around here. I'm a very firm believer that things happen for a reason. I came to BYU and I feel I learned what I had to learn from BYU. Of course the academics, the school and the environment are an amazing experience. The people that go to Brigham Young University are great people, but the football aspect of it just wasn't the place for me any longer."

NCAA rules prohibit seniors from not only transferring from one Division I school to another within the same conference, but they also don't allow seniors to transfer to any university of Division I status. Hence, Ah You is currently looking at Division II universities in the state of Utah.

"I'm looking at Weber State or SUU or Dixie," Ah You said. "I can't transfer to another Division I school being a senior, so right now I'm just going through the process of trying to find a place to play. I knew very clearly that if I left BYU as a senior I would not be able to play Division I football, but that is something that I would give up for the love of the game [and] for the chance to see the field and play. But again I have nothing but respect for my teammates. I just have to do what I feel is best for me and for the love of the game, you know. You have to do what you have to do."

Total Blue Sports wishes Matt Ah You the best in this time of difficult personal decision to chase his dreams of playing college football. Although he may not wear the blue and white any longer, Matt Ah You will always be a Cougar in the eyes of BYU fans.

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