Getting the Lowe-down

With multiple scholarship offers on the table, Jesuit High School wide receiver Keanon Lowe has quite a few options stemming from both WAC, Pac-10 and MWC schools. However, before a decision is made, the programs vying for his services must first possess a few standards that meet his college expectations.

Although many colleges out west are recruiting him to play football, Keanon Lowe is currently involved with running track for his high school team. The future college wide receiver has put up some impressive numbers.

"I've been running track but it's been really tough because it's been raining so much down here," Lowe said with a laugh. "Every track meet it starts raining, but I run the 100x, the 200x, 4x100 relay and the 4x400 relay. It's all really fun and I like running them all.

"My fastest 100x time is a 10.79. That was my fastest time last year and I haven't been timed in that this year. The fastest 200x time is 22.09 and that was also last year, and we also have the fastest 4x100 in the state."

On the college front Lowe has eight standing offers mostly from Pac-10 colleges.

"I have an offer from Arizona State, Colorado, Boise State, Stanford, Oregon and Oregon State," said Lowe. "I also have offers from Washington and BYU."

Before he decides on a school, Lowe wants to do as much research as he can on both the universities and their football programs. After he's gathered enough adequate information, he'll then make a decision where he'll play football at the next level.

"I'm just going to take trips mostly," Lowe said. "I just want to be able to talk to coaches a lot and just figure out what the school and the program is all about. I just basically want to get as much information and fill my brain with as much information about the school. From there I'll just make my decision."

Regarding what he's looking for in a school, Lowe's priorities aren't necessarily based on football.

"I'm going to look at a program that will make me a better person first," Lowe said. "I want to be in a program where I can enjoy being in whether I'm playing on the field or on the bench. I just want to be at a place were I'll be happy no matter what happens, so I think being at a place that will help make me a better person is first.

"After that I'll look at the academics because that's important to me. I don't really know what I want to study right now, but I'm definitely going to go to a school that has great academics. I know football isn't always going to be there for me, so I have to look at other things that are important in life."

Lowe is looking for a place that will help his personal development.

"I know for a fact that I'm not going to be playing football for the rest of my life," Lowe said. "After my football career is done I can have the tools that will help me become a successful person in life. I want to be a successful husband and father down the road someday and college can help influence that."

Though he is still in the investigating stage, Lowe seems to think that BYU is a school that could definitely help him develop as a person.

"Yeah, they're set apart from every other school just because the academics and spiritual aspects of the whole school," Lowe said. "It's basically different than any other school in the whole country. I could really benefit from that by becoming a person character-wise. They want players with good character, and it's good to surround yourself with good guys, and that's why you have to consider a school like BYU."

Recently, Lowe had the opportunity to speak with BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall and came away impressed.

"I did talk to coach Mendenhall and he's a cool guy and I like him a lot," said Lowe. "He was just saying for me to give him a chance and to come check them out. He told me to keep researching because he feels I would be a good fit on their football team."

Lowe made sure to take Coach Mendenhall's advice.

"Yeah, I like BYU and I went to check it out," he said. "I liked it a lot when I did go down there. I didn't get the chance to meet Coach Mendenhall when I was down there. I just hung out with Jaime [Hill], but I really enjoyed it."

BYU defensive coordinator Jaime Hill just so happens to be Lowe's uncle. The Cougar coach is actively recruiting his nephew to play for his college program, albeit as a wide receiver rather than someone on his defense. Lowe said he liked the idea of being on a team that his uncle coaches for.

"That would be really cool," said Lowe. "I've known him my whole life and that would be just another support system that I would have at a place like BYU."

Lowe said there was another important thing that he is look for in a school and football program.

"I think the chemistry that I would have with the coaching staff [is important]," said Lowe. "Not just with my position coach but with the offensive line coach, the offensive coordinator coach and coaches that I'm not going to be working with but can relate to. My relationship with the coaching staff is probably going to be the biggest thing when I decide on which college I play for. In the next couple of weeks I'll probably sit down with my mom and decide which colleges I want to take a look at and visit."

So will BYU and Uncle Jaime Hill be on the final list?

"Yeah, probably," said Lowe with a chuckle. "He's been trying to get me out there really hard. My mom likes how he's over there if I were to go there. She knows he would always be on my butt, so she likes that obviously knowing he would keep me in line. I haven't talked to him in a while but the last time I did we just talked about me coming up there in the summer, so I'm going to head out there and check it out."

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