Benson Plans for a Busy Summer

Corona Del Sol's Kyle Benson is receiving a lot of early attention on the heels of his first Division I offer. He is hearing from some top Pac-10 and intermountain region Division I programs and is set for a busy summer, during which he plans on taking his share of unofficial visits. TBS caught up with Benson to learn of which schools are showing interest and what he's looking for in a program.

Kyle Benson is a 6-foot-2-inch, 212-pound linebacker recruit that played outside linebacker in his Corona Del Sol's 4-4 defensive scheme a year ago. Benson recorded an astounding 94 total tackles to go along with four sacks and four interceptions.

"I'm fast and quick to the ball," answered Benson when asked to describe himself as a player. "I'm good in the open field and I'm really good in pursuit."

Benson is currently participating in the Arizona prep track finals where he runs the 110 meter hurdles, the 200 meters, the 4x100 relay and the long jump. He is focused on those meets right now and is sure to have a busy summer regimen.

"Most important is to stay in the weight room and work on my strength to help my team as best I can," said Benson. "I'm also going to visit a lot of the programs that are recruiting me. I'm going to sit down with my dad and list at least five schools that we're going to visit over the summer while participating in one or two day camps where I can."

Benson's list of visits is likely to consist of schools such as Utah, BYU, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona and Arizona State. Utah is likely first on his list currently, as it is the first school to have offered him a scholarship.

"Utah offered me a few weeks ago and I really like their program," said Benson. "They did awesome last year and I really like the snow and skiing and all that, so I think I'd really like playing for Utah."

BYU is very likely to follow suit and offer him a full scholarship according to Benson, as he's received a lot of interest from the Cougar coaching staff. Assistant coach Paul Tidwell has been his primary recruiter.

"BYU is a real good program who has done very well the last few years," said Benson. "I really like their defense and feel that I could fit in there and play right away. They say they need fast outside linebackers that can cover in space and I feel that's one of my strengths. I'll certainly visit BYU along with my trip to Utah this summer."

Along with BYU and Utah, Colorado has also recently shown a lot of interest. Colorado coaches are set to fly out and evaluate Benson further this weekend.

"I really like Colorado a lot," said Benson. "I've vacationed there and I love the state. I love skiing and doing a lot of the outdoor stuff that Colorado has to offer. I think it would be great to play for their program and they're really a program that is getting better."

Benson also mentioned increased interest from schools such as Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, Arizona and Arizona State. He mentioned that locale doesn't matter all that much to him just as long as he fits in well with the team and with the school environment.

Benson doesn't necessarily have a favorite school at this point, but mentions that fitting into a defensive system and attending a school that has a lot of offer as far as activities go are among his chief priorities currently.

"I want to play and I want to fit into a system where I can contribute and play right away," explained Benson. "I also want to go to a school that offers some things to do. My brother signed and attended Wyoming and he got bored as there was almost nothing to do up there. He left and came back to Arizona, so I definitely want to go to a school where I won't be bored [and] that offers a lot of activities."

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