Quezada Running Strong

Joshua Quezada ran rampant over the competition last season and is subsequently garnering a lot of interest from Division I programs. He is now up to four offers with at least two other schools likely to offer him in the coming months. TBS caught up to Quezada to learn of his recruitment and his plans this summer.

Joshua Quezada hails from La Habra High School in the greater Los Angeles area just north of Fullerton. Quezada's stats paint the picture of a completely dominant running back that used both his size and speed to run rampant over the competition last year.

"I rushed for 1,680 yards for an average of 10.7 yards per carry and 21 touchdowns," reported Quezada. "I also played safety fulltime as a starter and had like 23 tackles."

Quezada measures in at 6 feet and 208 pounds with a SPARQ electronic timed 4.54 forty, which gives testament to his abilities in the backfield. Due to his impressive stats and ability, Quezada has received a lot of early attention and offers from Fresno State, Hawaii, New Mexico State and most recently BYU.

"BYU offered me about a week ago and I'm very excited about that offer," said Quezada. "I have high interest in BYU."

Quezada's recruiting contact with BYU has been assistant coach Mark Weber, who has briefed him on the unique atmosphere at BYU. That unique atmosphere makes BYU not a good fit for a lot of athletes. However, Quezada, who isn't LDS, feels that BYU is a good fit for him.

"I have strong Christian values and I like the honor code that BYU has," said Quezada. "I don't party or any of that stuff, so I think I could fit in well at BYU. They stress character more than anything. I feel it's an honor to be considered as someone with strong character by them."

The first school to offer Quezada was Fresno State, which he has expressed high interest in as well.

"I like that they were the first to offer me," said Quezada. "They've told me that I could come in and start right away on either offense or on defense, and I like that a lot."

Although Quezada is capable of playing either running back or safety and is open to playing on either side of the ball at the next level, he prefers offense.

Recently Quezada has received a lot of interest from Oregon State and Utah and feels that both schools could be offering him a scholarship here soon.

"Oregon State is coming down to see me later this week I think," said Quezada. "I'm also going to attend their camp this summer and probably Cal's camp, and hopefully they show interest as well."

As of right now Quezada doesn't have a set itinerary regarding any other summer plans, but he would like to make the rounds to every school that has offered him a scholarship and to other schools showing him interest.

"I'd love to go out to BYU and Utah to see their programs up close and to all the other schools showing me interest, but we'll have to see what I'm able to do and what I'm able to fit in," said Quezada. "Right now I'm interested in the school that has the best balance between football and academics. Both are equally important to me, so the school that offers the best balance of both is the school I'll end up signing with."

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