Hinds on the Horizon

Davis High School tight end and defensive end Troy Hinds could become a top prospect in the next couple of years. At about 6 feet 4 inches and 220 pounds, he received playing time for the Davis Darts varsity football team as ninth grader and also broke a few local track records.

"I played last year on the varsity football team," said Troy Hinds. "Our high school is just from the 10th to the 12th grade, so I was actually playing on the varsity team while I was still in junior high. Last year I had eight sacks and 37 tackles. I got some playing time throughout the season but I actually started for our last playoff game."

Hinds primarily played defensive end at the varsity level, but he also played tight end for the junior varsity football team.

"I didn't play tight end on the varsity team," Hinds said. "I mostly just played defensive end, but I'm hoping that I'll play tight end this year. I just want to score some touchdowns. Our coach talked about it a little bit, so I'm hoping that I can do that for our varsity team next year."

Hinds plans on developing his tight end skills by attending some camps over the summer this year.

"I plan on going to a couple of camps this year," said Hinds. "I want to learn how to play the position a lot better, so I think if I'm able to go to a few camps it will help me learn the position a lot better. I'm going to the BYU summer camp for sure, and I might go to the Utah camp this summer also. Then I may go to the Colorado camp, but I'm not sure yet. So those are the camps I'm looking at, but I'll for sure go to the BYU one. I also want to learn our offense more by studying the plays. I think that will also help me as well."

Next year Hinds plans on attending the All-Poly Camp that will be held at Bountiful High School. There he will put his combination of size and speed on display his for the coaches teaching at the camp.

When it comes to BYU and the coaches there, Hinds isn't shy about sharing his feelings. Simply put, this future football prospect holds the university and coaching staff in high esteem.

"I really like BYU and the coaches and campus," Hinds said. "I really like how they coach and it's just different from everyone else. I like how they have higher standards and hold the players to those standards. I was able to watch one of their practices during spring camp and really liked what I saw. I also like the location because it's close to home."

At 6 feet 4 inches and 220 pounds, Hinds is already ahead of the pack when it comes to his physical development. However, he isn't using his athleticism for just football.

"Troy was selected last week as Kaysville Junior High School's Athlete of the year," said his father David Hinds in a recent interview. "In a [recent] track meet, Troy broke the Kaysville Junior High 100 meter record with a time of 11.78. In the same meet he won the 200 meter, the shot put and discus events. In the three meets he has participated in this year he has won the 100, 200, shot put and discus. He was one tenth of a second away from breaking the 200 meter school record, which he should break..."

On May 12, Troy Hinds fulfilled the recent prediction made by his father. He broke Kaysville Jr. High's record in the 200 meters with a 24.1 time. That's not bad for a multi-sport athlete, but Hinds' accomplishments don't stop there; the sophomore-to-be also does well in the weight room.

"Right now I bench 265 and for power clean I do 275," Hinds said. "I squad 345 right now, so I'm doing pretty good in the weight room but I'm going to keep lifting so I can get bigger and stronger."

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