BYU Receives Second Commit of the Day

The third week of May isn't usually a busy time on the recruiting front, but Wednesday proved to be as busy as ever, BYU received its second verbal commit of the day. Joining A.J. Moore in committing to BYU was Bingham High's Tuni Kanuch, who committed to Cougar coaches Wednesday night. TBS caught up with Kanuch to learn of his commitment and immediate plans after he graduates high school.

"I committed today to BYU," confirmed Tuni Kanuch. "I visited head coach Bronco Mendenhall with my mom and dad and committed right there to him in his office. I knew if they offered me that I probably would commit and they did, so I did."

Tuni Kanuch is a 6-foot-3-inch, 300-pound defensive line/offensive line recruit from Bingham High School. It's not decided which side of the ball Kanuch will play on when he gets to BYU, but he said he's fine with either option.

"It doesn't matter to me much," said Kanuch about his future position. "They haven't really told me yet and they don't know yet, but whatever they want me to play is where I'll play. I don't care which."

Kanuch and Cougar coaches will have at least three more years to decide on his future position on the team, as he's set to serve a mission immediately after graduating high school.

Kanuch has been recruited primarily by Cougar assistant coach Brandon Doman and has been very impressed with him.

"I've talked to Coach Doman a lot over the past year," noted Kanuch. "I love the guy. He's so positive and makes you feel so good about yourself. All the coaches at BYU are like that and that's a big reason why I committed to BYU."

Kanuch had been receiving increased recruiting attention from the likes of Oregon and Washington State among other schools, but decided a few weeks ago that if BYU offered he'd commit to them regardless of the possibility of future offers.

"It was good hearing from the other schools, but BYU has everything I need," said Kanuch. "It's a great fit for me and who I am and what my goals are, so I didn't feel like I needed to wait to make my commitment."

At BYU Kanuch will join with former Miners such as Iona Pritchard, Jordan Pendleton and Remington Peck. While this may seem like a big draw to most, Kanuch downplayed whatever impact having former high school teammates on his college team had in him making the decision to commit to BYU.

"I know most of them, but not real well," explained Kanuch about his former high school teammates that now playing for BYU or have signed with BYU. "That didn't really matter to me much, although I know guys like Iona and Jordan and they're cool guys, but I would have committed to BYU even if they weren't there."

For Kanuch it was the spiritual aspect of BYU along with head coach Bronco Mendenhall's five goals of faith, family, friends, education and football that really attracted him to the Cougar program.

"Those are the most important things in my life, especially the first two, so it's a good fit for me," said Kanuch. "I love the feeling you get at BYU. I love the coaches and it just felt really right. The more I learned about BYU, the more I knew that if they offered me that I'd commit."

Indeed, Kanuch committed almost immediately upon receiving his offer. When he told head coach Bronco Mendenhall of his decision, some tears were shed as both Kanuch and his parents understood the opportunities he'd now have.

"That's the main thing about playing football and getting an education, I'm doing it for my family," explained Kanuch. "Family is big to me and I now have the opportunity to go to school and achieve some great things that will benefit my family."

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