Tiatia is an Intriguing Prospect

Jeremiah Tiatia from nearby Orem High School is someone that a lot of coaching staffs will be watching very closely, as he's set to perform in at least five camps this summer. He has been playing middle linebacker since his freshman year, but given his size and weight, he looks to be a candidate to play along the defensive line at the next level.

Jeremiah Tiatia is a 6-foot-3-inch, 270-pound linebacker – yes, linebacker – who mans the middle of the field playing the critical middle linebacker position in Orem's defensive unit. Tiatia has been playing the position since his freshman year, but he isn't the player he was during his sophomore year.

"When I was a sophomore I only weighed about 225," explained Tiatia. "I'm now about 270, but I'm trying to get my weight down a bit to play middle linebacker again this season."

Given his weight, one would correctly assume that most colleges aren't looking at him as a linebacker recruit. College linebackers rarely weigh more than 250 pounds, and given Tiatia's size and potential, most colleges want to see him play out of a three-point-stance along the defensive front before presenting him with a scholarship offer.

Tiatia is well aware of this and excited to strut his stuff on the camp circuit this summer, starting with a probable visit to BYU's Junior Day.

"I'm going to the All-Poly Camp, Wyoming's camp, Washington State, BYU and to Utah this summer," said Tiatia. "So yeah, I'm going to be busy. I just want to prove myself and whoever offers me will be my favorite school."

One might assume that BYU is Tiatia's favorite school not only because very close to his home, but also because his father played for BYU in the late 1980s. Although Tiatia likes BYU, he's not ready to list it as his favorite school.

"My dad obviously wants me to go there, but I don't have a favorite school," said Tiatia. "I'm just waiting for any offers I might get and then I'll decide from who offers me."

So far Tiatia has received attention, which has included visits and hand-written letters, from Washington State, Wyoming, Southern Utah, Utah, Utah State, Cal and BYU. Tiatia notes that, early on in the process, no school is necessarily recruiting him harder than any other school.

"It's nice to get some of the attention I've been getting," said Tiatia. "Like I said, I'm just hoping that at least one of them offer me since that's my goal, to get a scholarship and play college football."

The interest that Tiatia is receiving is in no doubt born of his unique and exciting athleticism. To play middle linebacker at the 5A level in any state takes an amazing amount of athleticism, which Tiatia obviously possesses.

"I'm a run-stuffer," explained Tiatia when asked about his strengths out on the football field. "I'm also very quick to the ball and I have great agility. These are my strengths as a player."

Given the fact that he's able to play middle linebacker at about 270 pounds, Tiatia will be someone we'll be watching very closely this summer to see how he does as a potential defensive line prospect. With his unique athletic makeup, Tiatia could prove to be one of the bigger in-state sleeper recruits.

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