Mulitalo Impresses at Junior Day

Granger's Manu Mulitalo attended BYU's Junior Day, working out at an offensive lineman against some top talent. He has been attending a lot of camps and has subsequently garnered a lot of attention and early offers, although he's not exactly sure who those offers are from. TBS caught up with Mulitalo to learn more about his Junior Day experience.

Manu Mulitalo is a 6-foot-3-inch, 308-pound offensive line/defensive line recruit from Granger High School in West Valley City, Utah. He has been able to show his wares at some national camps and has subsequently received a lot of phone calls, letters and offers, although he's not exactly sure who those offers are from.

"My dad, who is also my coach, won't tell me," explained Mulitalo about his offers. "My dad tells me that I have seven offers right now, but he won't tell me who they're from. I'd like to know, but he's doing it so I don't get on an ego trip, I guess, which is fine. I'd like to know, but what can you do?"

The schools that have been contacting Mulitalo as far as he's aware of are Oregon, Arizona State, BYU, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and UNLV, among others. Mulitalo has been a standout performer at national camps and certainly made his mark at BYU's Junior Day this past Friday.

Mulitalo worked out as an offensive lineman at the camp, going against what he termed as some of the best talent he's seen since he started the camp circuit earlier this past spring.

"There was some real talent there," said Mulitalo. "It was a very competitive camp and it was a lot of fun, especially the one-on-one drills."

Two players in particular impressed Mulitalo at the one-day camp as he went through drills.

"There was Joe Kruger, who is committed to Utah, I think. He was really good and real hard to block at times," noted Mulitalo. "The other kid was this guy from Oakridge High School in Texas, who was just a beast. He's one of the best - if not the best - guy I've ever gone against. He was really good."

The Oakridge defensive lineman Mulitalo referred to is Tayo Fabuluje. Fabuluje is a teammate and very close friends of Ross Apo, who committed to BYU late last week.

During the drills Mulitalo was able to be tutored by offensive line coach Mark Weber. Mulitalo was grateful for the pointers Weber gave him and could feel himself getting better as the camp wore on.

"That's what I love about camps," said Mulitalo. "You get input from all kinds of coaches and it helps you. Coach Weber definitely taught me some good stuff that will help me in my progression this next year and hopefully in college."

Mulitalo has seen most of his time in high school playing offensive line, although he was switched over to defensive line for stretches last season. He said he feels more comfortable playing offensive line than defensive line currently, although he's open to playing either position at the next level.

"As long as they're paying for my school and education I'll play wherever they want me to," expressed Mulitalo. "I don't care. I feel more comfortable playing offense right now, but I'm really starting to like defense."

Mulitalo noted that BYU is primarily recruiting him as an offensive lineman, while schools such as Utah and Washington are recruiting him for defense or at least seem to be.

Mulitalo had to leave BYU's Junior Day early to attend his brother's graduation, but mentioned that he really enjoyed his experience.

"I really like BYU," said Mulitalo. "I just want good competition in college, the type of competition that will get me to the next level, and being there at Junior Day I could tell that BYU is good competition. I like the Pac-10 and they obviously have good competition, but I think Utah and BYU are right up there. I just want a competitive school with the other things that are important to me."

Mulitalo, who is LDS and has mission plans, mentioned that he wants to feel comfortable in the environment of the school he chooses to sign with.

"I want a good and a clean environment," said Mulitalo. "Education is first no matter what, so a school that helps me reach my educational goals along with having a good environment is very important to me. I obviously want to play competitive football and that is the most important thing, but the school who has everything I mentioned best is probably the school I'll end up signing with."

Mulitalo plans on staying busy throughout the rest of the summer, as he's currently attending Utah State's summer camp and will follow that with a trip to USC this weekend. He also has subsequent plans to attend BYU's summer camp, Utah's summer camp, the All-Poly Camp and the UCLA camp, with other trips visits possible.

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