Langi: Heaps, Stout, Apo Made Right Decision

Bingham High School running back Harvey Langi was on BYU's campus during Junior Day. The senior-to-be said he had a lot of fun during the Junior Day activities and feels the three big prospects that recently committed to BYU made the right decision.

At BYU's Junior Day Harvey Langi was paired off into the same group as a few of the Cougars' newest commits.

"Jake [Heaps] was our quarterback during some of the drills and I've known Ross [Apo] for a while now," Langi said. "He and I have been going to the BYU and Utah camps for a long time now. I know Ross really well but didn't know Jake. I just kind of got to know him a little during Junior Day.

"We did some simple one-on-ones and then we did some one-on-ones against some of the linebackers from in and out of state," Langi said. "We didn't have any time to do seven-on-sevens so we just did one-on-ones. I know there was a linebacker from California that committed to BYU. I don't know if I went up against him in the drills because I didn't get a chance to know him until after."

Heaps, the nation's top quarterback recruit, had 26 scholarship offers at the time of his commitment. That included offers from Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, UCLA, Washington and Cal, among many others.

Meanwhile, Zac Stout, the nation's fifth-ranked linebacker, had offers from Nebraska, Washington, Washington State, Oregon State, Arizona and Colorado State. Apo had offers from Oklahoma State, Missouri, Nebraska and Tulsa but decided to commit to the Longhorns of Texas before eventually changing his commitment to BYU. Rumor has it that USC and Oklahoma may play the recruiting game with Apo despite his commitment to the Cougars.

"I think they made a good decision by committing to BYU," Langi said of Heaps, Stout and Apo. "If they went to those other schools they would just be another regular athlete on the roster. By them going to BYU they can show what they have and can make a name for themselves on the football field. They can make their names bigger and be legends at the Y, so I think they made a good decision by going to the Y. I think it might start a trend. I think a lot of the best LDS players are going to start going up there again. I guess we'll see."

Langi's high school teammate Tuni Kanuch has committed to the Cougars and was also in attendance at BYU's Junior Day. Kanuch is a strong, quick and nimble 290-pound offensive guard and defensive tackle that was rated by Scout's Chris Fetters as the top defensive tackle in the Northwest. Langi raves about his current teammate's abilities both on and off the field.

"Tuni has a great work ethic and is really strong," said Langi. "He's probably the strongest kid on our team and is a really good leader on our team. I think he's going to be really good down there at BYU. He has a really good personal code of ethics and I have a lot of trust in him when I run to his side. Whenever the call comes in I hope that it's a run to his side. I know I have to trust the rest of my linemen, but in Tuni I know I can trust him."

Ever since he was a young football player, Langi has made the journey down to BYU for various camps and activities. He feels he has a strong relationship with BYU assistant coaches Lance Reynolds and especially Brandon Doman.

"I've always loved going down to BYU and I've been down there a lot," Langi said. "I've been going down there ever since I was a young kid. I met their coaches when I was young, so I've always felt comfortable going down there. I feel welcomed down there and don't feel nervous when I'm down there around the coaches. I feel good and think it's a good place to be."

Langi has a unique perspective on why it may not be in the best interest of every athlete to go to an elite program. The more highly visible and successful programs often recruit top-quality talent in droves, hurting a player's chances to see the field year in and year out.

"If you go to other schools in some conferences you have to be an amazing athlete in order to see the field," Langi said. "Even if you do see the field you might not get as many chance to develop as a football player. There are guys like Reggie Bush and guys in the Pac-10 that were just amazing athletes but no one really knows the guys who played behind them. If you're a really good athlete and you go to a really good school like the Y, then you have a greater chance to play and get signed. I just think their [Heaps, Stout and Apo] decision to commit to BYU was a very good idea."

Overall Junior Day was a great success on so many levels. For Bingham High School running back Harvey Langi, it was a very good experience especially since the Cougar coaching staff reaffirmed their verbal offer to the sophomore prospect.

"Junior Day was a good experience and I like going down to BYU and playing football over there," said Langi. "I like going down there and competing against some of the kids that also go down there. It was a good experience. BYU coaches verbally offered me while I was there and let me know that BYU was the best place for me. They just said that they really wanted me there, and the guys that already committed there said they were going to try and make me a Cougar."

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