Hartley Hoping For Cougar Offer

One thing is for sure, Washington lineman Kody Hartley stands out above the rest when he takes to the football field. However, the big offensive/defensive lineman for Prosser High School is still waiting for that first scholarship offer and will be making the rounds at camps this summer in the hopes of receiving one.

Kody Hartley brings a big 6-foot-7-inch, 275-pound frame to both sides of the trenches as an offensive and defensive linemen. According to ESPN, Hartely is aggressive at the point of attack as an offensive guard for his Prosser High School Mustangs football team.

"I play defensive tackle and offensive guard," said Hartley. "I'm really good with the run game and could probably work on my passing game a little more. I think my strengths are more in the run game where I can be more aggressive and use my size. I also like hitting, so I don't mind playing on the defensive line either.

"I'm pretty physical for my size and I'm around 6'6", almost 6'7", and 275 pounds. My bench max is around 300 pounds and I haven't done any squats because I hurt my leg. So I'm just trying to get it stronger before I do my max on squats."

Hartley is LDS and is hearing from Washington and BYU. He is also receiving interest from Boise State and will be attending a summer camp in Boise. In fact, Hartley plans on making road trips to all three colleges over the next couple of weeks in an effort to put his physical abilities on display and secure a scholarship offer.

"I've talked to Washington and they came down to our school and visited," Hartley said. "They said they were also really interested, and I'm going to try and get down to their camp and make a good impression. I've talked to them and they seem really interested in me, so right now I'm planning on attending their camp to see what I can do.

"I'm also going to go to BSU and go to some of their camps as well. I'm going to be down there for team camps, and that will be fun. I'll be attending a guard camp, so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully I'll do well enough to get an offer.

"I'll also be heading down to BYU around the 22nd for a day or so. I just think BYU is an awesome school and it's just a fun place to be. Hopefully I'll do good and get an offer. I guess we'll see what happens. They have been telling me that they are really interested in me, but they want me to come down so they can see more. They also want to get to know me better, but they did say they were really interested."

Hartley has been down to BYU's camps in the past and is really looking forward to his return trip to Provo.

"I've been hoping to get an offer from BYU and I've been down to their camps and really like the school," Hartley said. "It would be nice to get an offer from BYU because I really like the school and the coaches are awesome. I really like it down there and I have some family that live there. There are a lot of good people at BYU and it's a school that has a great education. I just think BYU is an awesome school and it's just a fun place to be. I'm looking forward to getting down there."

Hartley is aware that fellow Washington native and top quarterback recruit Jake Heaps committed to the Cougars a few weeks ago. The big lineman wouldn't mind putting his 6-foot-7-inch frame to good use by providing pass protection for Heaps.

"I know Jake is a really cool kid, even though I haven't really talked to him," Hartley said. "I know he's going down to BYU and he's a really good quarterback. I think he'll do really good down there and wouldn't mind blocking for him at BYU. I think that would be awesome."

TBS will keep an eye on Hartley and check in on him following his camp at BYU to see if there are any scholarship developments.

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