Fabuluje Finds his Place

Tayo Fabuluje from Oakridge High School in Arlington, Texas committed to Cougar coaches on Tuesday. BYU was close to the last place Fabuluje thought he'd end up playing as recently as a month ago, but after a Junior Day trip and other factors fell into place, Fabuluje determined that BYU was the best place for him.

"The right places are hard to find in life," said Tayo Fabuluje about BYU following his commit. "I know I could keep looking, but I might just keep on looking, you know? This place feels as right as anything I could imagine. Everything from the coaches, the players, the environment, it's just amazing."

Tayo Fabuluje is a 6-foot-6.5-inch, 265-pound defensive line recruit from Oakridge High School in Arlington, Texas. He was introduced to BYU by his good friends and high school teammates Ross Apo and Teu Kautai, both of whom recently committed to BYU. Following that introduction things just fell in line for Fabuluje, and he capped it all off with his commitment on Tuesday.

Fabuluje left BYU with a strong impression after participating in the Cougars' Junior Day. While he was inching toward a commit to the Cougar program, Fabuluje wanted to make sure it was the right decision. After just a day at BYU's padded camp, he became sure.

"I just wanted to go home and think things over, talk to my parents and then come back and see how I felt," related Fabuluje. "When I got back it was like I came back home in a way. I made a lot of good friends at Junior Day, and just seeing them here and getting to be better friends just confirmed what I felt."

On top of his already close relationships with Apo and Kautai, Fabuluje also forged some strong relationships with some other future Cougars in Timpview's Bronson Kaufusi and Tui Crichton.

"I just met Tui today, but man, just like [with] Bronson, it feels like I've known him my whole life," expressed Fabuluje. "Both of those guys really helped with my commit. They weren't the only reasons, obviously, but they really helped."

Fabuluje is ticketed to play defensive end for BYU and is very aware of the imposing specter he'll be presenting along with Kaufusi at defensive end.

"Oh, man, he's a monster," said Fabuluje about Kaufusi. "Just thinking about both of us at defensive end, man, that makes me excited. Bronson is as good as they get. He's an amazing athlete and I just hope that I can keep up with him."

Fabuluje has obviously undergone some instruction from Bronson's dad, Coach Steve Kaufusi, whom he cites as another big reason why he committed to BYU.

"I love him as a coach," said Fabuluje when asked about his future position coach. "He's so good at coaching you, making you feel good about the progress you're making and just making you better. I really felt that he helped improve my game a lot in the short time I've been with him and I can only imagine how much better I'll get after being coached [by] him for the next four years."

Fabuluje was also very impressed with Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"What can you say about him? I mean, he's just the best," said Fabuluje about Coach Mendenhall. "He knows what is important and he talks to you like a man. I love the faith and family first thing. He keeps things in perspective and knows what is most important in life. He knows that football is important, but life is more than just football and he'll help me grow with all things in my life."

Fabuluje was hardly without options when he committed to BYU. He cited top Big-12 schools as those waiting in line for his services, along with some other SEC and Pac-10 programs. However, he said he strongly doubts that any of them can offer what BYU does.

"BYU is perfect for me," summed up Fabuluje. "It was the clean environment, the friends I already have here, the coaches, and everything else that just felt perfect to me. It's just been a short amount of time since I've come to know about BYU, but everything felt right from the start, so why wait around? Opportunities don't come like this forever, so I felt I needed to take this one. BYU is perfect for me."

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