Sampson Switches Allegiances

Bryan Sampson grew up in a very pro-Utah household, which was due in no small part to his older brother Colt playing football for the Utes. Sampson, however, bucked tradition and committed to BYU on Saturday. TBS caught up with Sampson to learn why he picked BYU over Utah.

Bryan Sampson is a 6-foot-4-inch, 210-pound tight end prospect from Pleasant Grove High School. As mentioned, Sampson grew up in a very "red" environment, and a few years back he never dreamed he'd be playing for BYU.

"I really, really didn't like BYU all that much three years ago," recalled Sampson. "My brother was playing up there and my family, we were very much a red family. A lot of them still kind of are, but I'm blue now. I'm going to BYU and I really couldn't be more happy about it."

Sampson started to turn towards BYU after spending a few summer sessions there working out, and also began liking BYU more as he got to know Cougar assistant coach Brandon Doman, who was his main recruiting contact. Slowly but surely Sampson grew more and more blue as he learned about the program.

"This offer and then me committing was a long time in the works," explained Sampson. "I attended camp there last summer and after that camp is when they really started contacting me a lot. After I went down there for the seven-on-seven tournament yesterday I had a pretty good feeling that they were going to offer."

BYU did extend that offer and Sampson immediately accepted it, although recruiting was really starting to heat up for him.

"My only other offer was from Utah State, but Utah was contacting me a lot," related Sampson. "Stanford and Nebraska flew out to see me, so they were obviously very interested as well. I had other schools too, but I felt it was the time to commit to BYU."

Indeed, other offers very well may have come Sampson's way had he held out through the summer and fall. Having had an older brother that went through the recruiting process, Sampson was very aware of this fact.

Sampson, however, didn't feel the need to wait around for other offers, as he decided BYU was the best all-around fit for him.

"There are so many things about BYU that makes them the right school for me," said Sampson. "The main thing though is just the community there. The people, the coaches, the fact that they're the school of my faith, everything is just perfect for me there."

Sampson also has many teammates from Pleasant Grove that have committed to BYU or are being pursued by BYU and are likely to get offered. For example, he has been close friends with Cougar commit Joey Owens since grade school. For Sampson though, those relationships are an added bonus in his mind to the other factors BYU presents. Among those factors is the position he'll be playing.

Sampson was offered as a tight end, and that was certainly a big reason as well that Sampson chose BYU. He has become very aware of BYU's great tight end tradition and knows that tight ends are a focal point of the Cougar offense.

"That was a big thing for sure," said Sampson about the prospect of playing tight end at BYU. "They use their tight ends as well as anyone and playing that position at BYU is something I'm very excited for."

Sampson is LDS and has definite plans to serve a mission. Since Sampson won't even be 18 when he graduates, he'll be playing a year before leaving on his mission.

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