Top All-Poly Camp LB Commits to BYU

This past week, many top prospects gathered for tackles and drills at the All-Poly Camp. One such prospect had caught the eyes of Cougar coaches at BYU's recent camp, and was later awarded with a trophy as one of the top linebacker performers at the All-Poly Camp. He followed that up by committing to BYU on Monday.

He stood out from among the many hundreds in attendance last week during the All-Poly Camp. Total Blue Sports scouted him out and evaluated him during Friday's drills and scrimmage and reported that Sae Tautu was one that stood out among the rest. BYU coaches apparently felt the same way and soon offered the 6-foot-3-inch, 215-pound outside linebacker a full-ride scholarship.

"Well, last week I went to the BYU football camp and I performed well over there," Tautu said. "It was the first time I played linebacker because before that I played quarterback. Even though it was my first time playing linebacker, I got the Outstanding Linebacker Award over there. I guess they liked what they saw over there.

"I'm pretty big, tall and fast, so I think they liked my size and my speed. I bench around 230 so I'm not the strongest on my bench, but my squat is around 350 and my power clean is around 250. I work on mostly my speed and quickness. I usually play quarterback but I guess they really liked my athleticism."

Following his attendance at BYU's camp, Tautu went on to the All-Poly Camp and shined at his new position. It didn't take long for Tautu to put his athleticism on display during drills and scrimmages.

"It was a lot of fun and there was some good competition there," Tautu said. "I was named the All-Poly Camp Defensive Player Award."

On Monday Tautu and his father went over to BYU and met with Coach Mendenhall in his office.

"BYU is a big-time D-I program and that's what I want," said an excited Tautu. "Coach Mendenhall said he likes my character and how I play. Me and my dad were in his office when he gave me the offer. He handed me the paper and I read it. After that we talked about it and I told him that I would really like to be here, so I committed to Coach Mendenhall today. He had a big smile on his face too.

"I was just really excited about the offer from BYU. I just had this big smile on my face. My dad was really happy as well and he was smiling too. Then he took me out to dinner."

Having received an offer from a Division I school is something Tautu had been working hard at for quite some time. Now that he has an offer, and one from his preferred school, the Lone Peak senior-to-be can now focus on his final year of football.

"It was great and it's such a big load off my back," said Tautu. "I really wanted to get all of this recruiting out of the way for my senior year, and now that BYU offered me and I committed I can do that."

Tautu had an offer from Wyoming and was being heavily recruited by other universities such as Stanford prior to receiving his scholarship offer from BYU. After his All-Poly Camp performance, Tautu should be hearing from a lot more universities, that is unless they don't want to challenge his commitment to BYU. Any college that does extend an offer would be hard-pressed to pull him away from some of the top talent he'll join at BYU.

"They've been getting some of the top kids over there," Tautu said. "That program is going to be great. I made my decision for a while that if BYU offered me, I was going to commit. It's a great school and the football program is one of the best. It's a place that's close to home and I have a lot of family in the program. I'm LDS and BYU is a Mormon school, so that played a big part of it too."

Another reason Tautu also wanted to come to BYU is to play with many of his close cousins who are either on the team or soon will be. A school known for being a "band of brothers," BYU is rapidly becoming a school of cousins.

"I'm related to Malosi and Shiloah Te'o," said Tautu. "I'm also related to Jrey Galea'i. Also, Ryan Mulitalo is related to me as well. I'm mostly related to all these guys on my mom's side, so it's going to be great being able to play football with some of my family at BYU."

Although he is new to the outside linebacker position, Tautu will focus on mastering the position as much as he can. At BYU he expects himself to be ready to compete at the highest level.

"I just want to try and get bigger and stronger and faster," said Tautu. "They want me as an outside linebacker and I'm kind of new at the position, so I'll work hard on getting better and know the coaches at BYU will help [me] develop. I'm just really excited about it."

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