BYU Learning about Lawlor

Quin Lawlor from Orem High School turned some heads last week at BYU's padded camp and the All-Poly Camp. Among the heads turned were those of BYU offensive line coach Mark Weber and other Cougar coaches. TBS caught up with Lawlor to learn of how the camps went and where he stands in regards to recruiting currently.

Quin Lawlor is a 6-foot-4-inch, 270-pound offensive line prospect for nearby Orem High School. He was at BYU all last week participating in BYU's padded camp before heading to the All-Poly Camp, where he served notice as an offensive line recruit to watch.

"I think I did a lot to help myself at the camps," said Lawlor. "I felt that I was able to block most everyone I went up against. The only guy I really struggled with was that kid from Bingham. He's really good."

Although TBS wasn't there to note who exactly the stated kid from Bingham was, it's very easy to assume that it was Tuni Kanuch, who committed to BYU just prior to the padded camp.

Lawlor started out the camp just going through the line and going up with whoever he was assigned to, like every other camp attendee. After about a day's work though, Coach Weber had Lawlor go up against other top recruits to evaluate him better, like what is often done with those that show well in camp.

"I liked that better," said Lawlor about going up against the top competition at the camp. "They sort of matched me up, making sure I went up against the top guys, and that's how you get better – going up against those guys and showing the coaches that you can handle them. I feel that I did very well and showed that I can play against the best."

Coach Weber apparently agreed and strongly encouraged Lawlor to make a return visit to the non-padded camp that is taking place this week. Lawlor is there and is hoping to prove himself worthy of a scholarship offer.

"I really like BYU," said Lawlor. "I'm not LDS, but I really like the environment there and I love the coaches."

First and foremost among the coaches Lawlor admires is Coach Weber.

"He's great," said Lawlor about Weber. "I love how he goes about coaching. He's very personable and he teaches very well. He makes it clear what you need to do, and once you do what he tells you that you need to work on you get better just right there. I made amazing progress just learning from him in just one week."

Lawlor is hearing from a lot of other schools including Washington State, which has paid a lot of attention to him. He is hopeful that the attention he is receiving from various schools will soon pay off.

"I'm hoping to get an offer from BYU, as it would be great to go there," expressed Lawlor. "I'm hoping that this week at camp I can continue to show them that I can play at this level and they'll offer."

The Other Tiger

Lawlor's teammate Jeremiah Tiatia was reported as one of the more intriguing local prospects a few weeks back by TBS, and he's currently participating in BYU's non-padded camp. Tiatia is a 6-foot-2-inch, 260-pound defensive line prospect that has spent all of his time in high school playing linebacker.

This week is key for Tiatia, as he'll try to convince coaches that he can play along the defensive line in college. According to some early reports from those in attendance, Tiatia has been doing very well so far in camp. We'll be following up with Tiatia later this week.

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