BYU Receives Second Commit for 2011

The ball keeps rolling for Coach Mendenhall and his BYU staff, as the Cougars received another commit for the 2011 class. Cougar fans are fully aware of Bingham High School's Baker Pritchard, BYU's first commit for 2011, but this newest commit comes from Pleasant Grove High School.

BYU already had two commits from Pleasant Grove High School. One is running back/linebacker Joey Owens, and the other is tight end/wide out Bryan Sampson.

Now the Cougar staff can add another. Earlier in the week, Coach Mendenhall received his third commit from the Viking program, this one coming from linebacker Austin Heder. Heder will be a junior this upcoming year and is part of the 2011 class. Total Blue Sports has made several unsuccessful attempts to reach Heder for comment on his commitment to BYU. In the meantime, fellow teammate and BYU commit Bryan Sampson gives BYU fans the lowdown on what type of an athlete Heder is.

"He's fast and is a really tough kid," said Sampson about Heder. "I want to say that he's [like] the type of linebackers that play at BYU. He's a tough kid and works really, really hard. I mean, he's just a great kid and will fit in BYU's program perfectly. He's just one tough kid and has so much desire. He's a well rounded kid and is just really tough."

Heder was able to contribute to Pleasant Grove's varsity team last year.

"He played the first four or six games on the varsity team," said Sampson of Heder. "He rotated in as a sophomore and was doing really well. I mean, he was doing really good and will also help us out a lot this year."

However, after suffering a broken arm, Heder hung up his cleats for the rest of the season as his attention turned to healing.

"He got his arm caught or something and it broke in three different places," Sampson said. "It wasn't good and he had to have a metal plate put in there and everything. It was hard to let him go for the season because he really helped out our defense a lot."

Once offered by BYU, Heder didn't wait very long to commit. There's a very good reason for that.

"He's been a BYU fan since the day he was born," Sampson said. "Austin's dream has always been to play at BYU. I remember ever since he was a freshman in high school he's always talked about playing football for BYU and getting a scholarship to play football there. He's done everything for the chance to play at BYU and then he showed up at camp and just tore it up. They wanted to see a little bit more and a little bit more, and he kept showing them. After that they just said they wanted him in their program. They offered him last week but he didn't commit until his father came home because he was out of town. He went into Bronco's office yesterday and committed to him."

Congratulations to Austin Heder, BYU's newest linebacker commit. Total Blue Sports will continue to try and reach him to get his own words on his commitment.

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