Mililani Safety Shines at All-Poly Camp

Hailing from Mililani High School, Taz Stevenson was one of the best pure athletes at the All-Poly Camp in Hawaii. The 6-foot, 180-pound cornerback-turned-safety was scouted out and evaluated early by Total Blue Sports on the first day of on-field action.

"Some of my highlight experiences here at the All-Poly Camp have been getting to know all the guys here at the camp," said Taz Stevenson. "It's a real family bond here with the players, and the coaches make sure you are being helped. They've been teaching me to get into my alignment better and with my backpedal."

Stevenson, a laidback and soft-spoken kid, doesn't claim a specific style of play. He simply says that he just goes out and plays football. But one thing is certain: he is very good at whatever he sets his sights on.

"I play receiver, running back, corner and safety," said Stevenson. "I would have to say I like playing safety the most because I like to hit. Football is all about hitting, and without hitting football is nothing."

Stevenson is quick from side to side, reads well, and reacts without hesitation. He's aggressive and shows very little fear in mixing it up with the boys on the field. A number of schools have taken notice of his abilities.

"There are a couple of schools looking at me, like Washington and Washington State," said Stevenson. "There are other schools like Colorado, Utah, UCLA and some other schools. Basically all the schools that I just named have offered me."

The primary weapon for Mililani High School, Stevenson has become the team's utility player. In one game he nearly singlehandedly brought Mililani back from the clutches of defeat by returning four kickoffs to the 20-yard line.

"I just knew our team was down and I was trying to get my team back up," Stevenson said. "I just tried my best to do that during the kick returns. I think I did okay that game."

Coach David Te'o, nephew of All-Poly Camp founder Alema Te'o, raved about Stevenson's abilities and potential at the next level.

"Stevenson is an awesome player," said Te'o. "Kahuku High School was doing all that they could to stop him and he would just break lose for eight yards to the 20-yard line. It's a good thing Kahuku's defense was able to stop Mililani's offense."

At the closure of the All-Poly Camp, Stevenson was named as the top safety performer.

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