Catching Up With Keoshian

Cougar commit Collin Keoshian has kept busy since committing to BYU in early May. Since the date of his commit a lot as transpired on the BYU recruiting front and Keoshian has taken note of all of it. He also made a visit to BYU's padded camp, where his future role on the team became more refined through workouts and meetings with his future position coach.

Collin Keoshian is a 6-foot-2-inch athlete that currently weighs in at between 230-235 pounds. Keoshian does it all for his Santa Clarita Christian School's seven-man football team, which caught the intrigue of BYU coaches early on. Keoshian went on to commit to the Cougars after an unofficial visit he took to BYU during early May.

On his trip Keoshian was so impressed with what BYU had to offer in regards to school, environment and football that he committed almost immediately after receiving an official offer. While his commit was strong back then, it has only strengthened over the past couple of months.

Keoshian is not LDS but holds very strong Christian beliefs that run congruent to what BYU practices. When visiting BYU, he found a school that holds a lot of the same ideals and practices that he feels are important to have.

"When I committed to BYU it was based on the fact that I felt it was the best place for me to grow as a person and as a football player," related Keoshian. "But wow, after seeing everything that's happened since then with all the top recruits they've signed since I committed, I really had no idea that we'd get such great players to sign with us this next year. It's really exciting."

Keoshian observed the very public commit announcements of Jake Heaps, Ross Apo and Zac Stout, and like many others he came away very impressed.

"I had no idea I'd be able to play with the top quarterback, top wide receiver and one of the top linebackers in the nation," remarked Keoshian. "It really helped strengthen my commit and make me even more excited and sure that BYU was indeed the right choice for me."

Over the past couple of months Keoshian has been able to forge a friendship with Heaps and others, as they've kept in constant contact since June 4 when Heaps, Apo and Stout all announced their commitment to BYU. According to Keoshian, he hit it off immediately with Heaps and they became fast friends.

"Just after a couple of conversations I really felt that we were good friends," related Keoshian. "We're both very enthusiastic and we have the same mindset about football and how to help a football team reach its potential. I can't wait to play with him at BYU."

What Keoshian shares with Heaps is leadership. Keoshian is very much the focal point of his team and has spent the summer leading and directing all of his team's workouts and becoming the player the rest of the team rallies around.

Keoshian has also spent a lot of time in the gym to work on all aspects of his game. He is relatively happy with his strength, but wants to get faster.

"In my conversations with BYU's coaches they've mentioned that I'm at the right weight right now," said Keoshian. "I'm fast and I'm happy with my speed, but that's the area they want me to work on most. They're very happy with my speed currently and I am as well, but we both feel that it's the area I need to focus on most."

Keoshian's stated goal is to run a 4.5 forty. When given his athletic makeup and the fact that he'll play at about 235-240 pounds, accomplishing that goal would make his prospects skyrocket. Keoshian can run a consistent 4.6 forty, but isn't satisfied with it and wants to get as fast and as quick as possible by the time he reports to the team prior to the 2010 season.

Keoshian's typical day involves him waking up at 6 a.m. to life weights before doing cardio work around noon. He will then end his day by lifting some more, and he repeats this rigorous regimen daily.

Keoshian leads and directs his own workouts, as he's become somewhat of a workout bookworm and takes the best aspects from the best workouts to frame his own workouts.

"Honestly, I've worked with trainers, but I don't feel they can push me as hard as I push myself," explained Keoshian. "I push myself extremely hard and I've studied about the best way to work out and I simply know my body better than anyone. So I've formulated my own workouts and it's working, as I've felt myself get quicker and faster this summer."

Keoshian recently took his workouts to BYU's padded camp, where he was able to learn more from his future position coach Paul Tidwell. Keoshian was also able to meet many of the top recruits on BYU's radar.

"Harvey Langi was a guy I went up against a lot," related Keoshian. "Coaches matched us up against each other for most of the reps and man, he's tough. He's really good."

Most high school linebackers don't do much in regards to pass coverage, as most of their duties revolve around run support. During BYU's camp Keoshian worked extensively on his coverage abilities along with playing from sideline to sideline in the open field.

"That's the part of my game I worked on most and need to improve on most," said Keoshian. "I certainly have the ability to do it, but it's not something I do much of in high school, so it was great learning the aspects of coverage and open-field pursuit while at BYU's camp."

Keoshian spent a wealth of time with Coach Tidwell watching film, learning different techniques and overall studying the finer aspects of becoming the best inside linebacker he can be in BYU's defensive system.

"I love Coach Tidwell," stated Keoshian. "Having spent all that time with him, I know that he'll make me the best player I can be. He really taught me a lot and it was a great experience."

Like most early commits, Keoshian can't wait to get to BYU and start his college football career and pursue his education.

"My goal is [to] work as hard as I can and to be totally committed to the BYU program," commented Keoshian. "I committed to BYU because I believe in everything their program is. If I'm going to be part of the program it's my responsibility to remain committed to everything BYU does and that's my goal. It's such a great honor to be a part of BYU's football program and I'm learning even more with every day just how great of an honor it is. I can't wait to get started."

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