The Faith of Hauoli Jamora

Kahuku High School defensive lineman Hauoli Jamora expects to have a big impact on a talent-rich Red Raider defense this year. Total Blue Sports caught up with Jamora to get an inside look at the young man behind the helmet and pads.

When it comes to reaching the goals he has set for himself, BYU commit Hauoli Jamora is quick to stress the importance of faith and family.

"Everything is going good," said Jamora. "I'm just grateful for everyone that helps me out. I'm just grateful for my family, my faith and for football because that's going to be my vehicle to get to where I need to go. I don't think without those things I would be where I'm at now. I'm also grateful for my faith because it helps me to stay focused on what I need to do. I'm grateful for football because it's going to allow me to reach my goals and get to the next level."

Even out on the football field, Jamora tries to apply the principles of faith into his game. Before the snap of the ball, his disposition is such that he believes no one can stop what he sets his mind to.

"When I play I try and be as aggressive as I can," said Jamora. "I just try my best every time I'm out on the field, but before every play starts I just put it into my head that I'm better than the guy standing in front of me. I just have the faith to believe that no one is going to stop me and that I'm going to get to the quarterback no matter what. You have to have a lot of faith when you play football. If you don't have faith in yourself that you can be the best out there, you probably shouldn't be."

It was his faith that caused Jamora to commit to Coach Mendenhall, a man that was interviewed for the head coaching position by an LDS Apostle.

"I remember I had a lot of butterflies," said Jamora of his meeting with Coach Mendenhall. "I remember hearing the story about how he got the head coaching job at BYU. He just told me to relax [and] talked to me about education, family and making good choices all the time. After we talked for a little while he handed me a piece of paper and asked me to read what it said. I wasn't really expecting a scholarship offer at the time, but Coach Mendenhall gave me one. I committed to him and let him know that I wanted to be a part of his program. He asked me what I liked about BYU. I just told him that I liked the environment, the people, the program and the Church. He said, ‘Well, let's make this piece of paper official,' and he signed it. After that he congratulated and thanked me."

Jamora's decision to commit to Coach Mendenhall had more to do with various important life principles than just playing football.

"One reason why I wanted to go to BYU is because they have a really good football program and it's my church college," Jamora said. "BYU is a place that represents who we are as a people on and off the football field, and we're expected to live a certain way all the time. The coaches care for who you are as a person first [rather] than as a football player, so they expect the best out of you. They want us to succeed in life first, and that is something that I really like because they really do care for you no matter what more than anything."

For a young man that just recently completed from his junior year of high school, Jamora seems to have a fairly clear view of what he wants to do in the future.

"I want to use football to get a good education," said Jamora. "I was thinking of going into sports medicine, so that is something that I want to look into. I want to be able to support a family someday and I think football will help me reach those goals, so I have to keep working hard to take care of my faith and football. It's what is going to get me to college and help me become successful."

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