Quezada Excited for Visits

Joshua Quezada from La Habra High School in Southern California is heading out to the Rocky Mountains the first weekend of August to make some unofficial trips at two schools that are giving him a lot of attention. Quezada has been highly recruited since the summer and is now anxious to take a closer look at each of the schools before making his commitment decision.

Joshua Quezada is a 6-foot, 198-pound running back prospect from La Habra High School in Southern California. He has impressed would-be suitors to the tune of at least eight offers and counting.

A lot of Quezada's attention comes from in-state schools, as almost every Division I California school has offered him a scholarship. Quezada, however, is looking out to the Rocky Mountains coming up and plans on visiting two schools that have shown him a lot of interest.

"I'm heading out to Utah not this coming weekend, but the one after that," informed Quezada. "I'm going to visit Utah and then I'm going to head down and visit BYU."

Quezada holds offers from both rival schools and is very interested in both of them. The interest is obviously mutual, as Quezada has received much attention from both Utah and BYU.

"Utah's wide receiver coach is my contact and I really like him," said Quezada. "They offered me back in April and I like what I'm hearing. I like their offense. It's a lot like the one we run in high school, and I'm excited to go out there and see them up close."

Regarding BYU, Quezada said, "I talk to Coach Kaufusi every week. I call him up and we talk at least once a week. He's a really great guy. He's explained to me a lot about what BYU is and he's really made me feel comfortable and excited about the opportunity to play for a school like BYU."

Quezada has a plan in mind to visit each and every school before he makes up his mind as to where to commit. He refuses to formulate a top-five list in his mind, preferring instead to see every school up close in order to keep an open mind.

This process started with an unofficial visit to Washington, which impressed Quezada. Now it's on to both Utah and BYU, while he plans on making stops to Stanford, Fresno State and San Diego State some time thereafter.

As mentioned, Quezada is impressed with Utah's offense and gained an appreciation for the program while watching the Sugar Bowl this past season.

"I like how they run things on offense," observed Quezada. "Utah has a very good program and I could see myself fitting in well there."

Quezada also has an uncle that resides in Salt Lake City, which makes attending school in Utah more palatable for him since he would have at least some family in the area.

Quezada has also taken a real liking to BYU over the past few months.

"I really like that it was about my character first and then football," said Quezada regarding BYU's unique recruiting approach. "After they determined that I had the type of character that could attend school and play football there, they looked at my film. I like that. I'm a good Christian and they're a good Christian school, so I think it would be a good fit."

Indeed, Quezada isn't into a lot of the distractions a lot of high school athletes get caught up with.

"I don't drink and I don't party," affirmed Quezada. "After football I need that weekend and I take advantage of that weekend. I don't know how guys find time to party. I use the weekend to sleep in, rest up and to get going again on Monday. I use the weekend well."

Quezada has also forged a relationship with standout Cougar commits Jake Heaps and Ross Apo, among others, and talks to them frequently.

"I became good friends with both of them and we talk all the time," related Quezada. "I was going to try and meet with Jake during my trip up to Seattle, but it didn't work out. I really like those guys and I'd love to play with them at BYU to be sure."

Quezada also likes the prospects of running behind BYU's offensive line, which is always a strong unit year in and year out.

"They have put a lot of their linemen in the NFL," said Quezada. "They're also a bit older, having gone on missions, so yeah, as a running back I really like that. The offensive line is everything for a running back, so you want to make sure you go to a school that has a top offensive line and I know BYU does."

Even though Quezada holds a lot of interest for both BYU and for Utah, he is holding true to his game plan and refuses to mention either one of them as his top schools.

"I'd like to decide before the season starts, but more than that I want to take a good close look at each school that is recruiting me," explained Quezada about his own recruiting process. "I don't want to say, ‘Hey, they're my favorite' without even visiting them. I want to go to every school or at least most of the schools that have offered me and see how they compare. After that I'll then decide."

Quezada did mention that although he likely won't commit on any of the trips, that it is a distinct possibility that he might.

"I really don't know," said Quezada about the prospects of committing while on an unofficial trip. "I could maybe see myself becoming so convinced while on a trip that I'd commit. We'll just have to see. I don't plan to, but you never know."

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