Tushaus Close to a Decision?

Blair Tushaus is honing in on his commit decision after spending a busy summer attending camps and making unofficial visits. Hometown favorite Arizona State and BYU are the two schools in the lead for his services, and Tushaus will more than likely commit to either school within a set amount of time that he's allotted himself. TBS caught up with Tushaus to get the scoop.

Blair Tushaus is a 6-foot-2.5-inch, 275-pound offensive line recruit from Notre Dame Preparatory School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tushaus holds offers from Arizona State, BYU, San Diego State, UNLV and Nevada, among other schools, but he is honing in on two favorites as the football season is set to begin.

"Arizona State and BYU are the school schools I'm deciding between right now," informed Tushaus. "Right now they're my two favorites. They each have things about them that are different, but I like both aspects of both schools. One day it's more ASU and then the next it's BYU, so we'll see how it ends up. I have a tough decision for sure."

The Sun Devils are a natural favorite for Tushaus, having grown up in their backyard in Scottsdale. Tushaus even admits to being a bit of an ASU fan growing up. That factor obviously plays big in his mind.

"They offered me at the beginning of this month and I was very excited about the offer," related Tushaus. "I obviously know a lot about them and I really like their coaching staff and the program as a whole."

As far as BYU is concerned, Tuahaus has grown more and more fond with what it has to offer with every day. "They're really growing on me," he confirmed.

Tushaus first found out about BYU up close by attending BYU's Junior Day, which was held the first week of June. While he grew to really like the coaching staff and enjoy his time on campus, it wasn't until recently when BYU became a realistic choice in his mind.

"BYU is honestly a school I never thought I'd have as one of my top two," he explained. "But every time I talk to one of their coaches, hear about them or think about them I start liking them more and more."

Tushaus is a devout Catholic, and being as such he had reservations about attending a so-called Mormon school.

"It was a big thing," he related. "I just didn't think I'd fit in with a Mormon environment attending a Mormon school such as BYU. It's still a bit of an issue, but the more I learn about them, their honor code and the ideals they have, the more I think I'd fit in very well there."

Tushaus isn't into the party scene, which would make BYU and its honor code palatable. Beyond BYU's honor code, he's become very impressed with the progress BYU is making on the recruiting front.

"I saw the press conference with Jake Heaps, [Ross] Apo and [Zac] Stout," informed Tushaus. "I was really impressed by it all. You look at what Heaps has done at the Elite 11 and wow, they're really getting in some top talent at BYU, so yeah, I'd love to be part of that."

Tushaus has been able to forge a relationship with Heaps and has spoken to him as early as Monday.

"I had some more questions about BYU and [Heaps] was there helping me understand a lot about some questions I had," he said. "We talked for a long time, probably 40 minutes, and it really helped clear up some questions I have. It's great to hear from BYU coaches, but it helps talking to a fellow recruit like myself to get perspective on things."

Tushaus has definitely been in contact with BYU coaches and readily cites them as being perhaps the primary reason why BYU is one of his two favorites.

"I've never met such great coaches such as Coach Weber, Coach Tidwell and Coach Mendenhall," he said. "The things they teach and the ideals they have are so impressive to me. Their coaches are probably the main reason why I'm so interested in BYU right now."

Tushaus has been in constant contact with the Cougar coaching staff since receiving his scholarship offer from the school.

"I call them, share emails and yeah, I've had a ton of contact with them," he said. "With every contact I have I seem to be liking them more and more."

Tushaus wants to make his commit decision in a couple of weeks before the season starts, assuming he feels confident in his choice.

"I won't commit if I'm not totally sure," he confirmed. "If I'm not totally sure, then I'll wait a bit until I commit, but I really do intend on making my decision here within the next couple of weeks."

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