Quezada Gains Perspective on Visits

La Habra, California's Joshua Quezada spent this past weekend in the Intermountain West taking closer looks at both BYU and at Utah. Quezada thought he knew what to expect on his visits to both programs, but after spending a day at each he gained a better appreciation and perspective of exactly what they are and what they have to offer. TBS caught up with Quezada to learn of his thoughts.

Joshua Quezada is a 6-foot, 210-pound running back prospect from La Habra High School in Southern California. He holds offers from Washington, Fresno State, San Diego State and Stanford, along with his offers from both BYU and from Utah.

Quezada's plan is to visit all the schools that have offered him to get a full perspective on what they have to offer, and then go from there. He made a trip to Washington earlier this summer, and after tripping to both BYU and Utah he grew to like each program a bit more.

"I really liked what both schools were telling me, but it was like reading brochures before taking a vacation, you know?" related Quezada. "After seeing both of the schools up close I feel like I really know exactly what they are and what they have to offer. I can now compare other schools better with BYU and Utah, which will help me make my best decision.

BYU was Quezada's first trip. He met every coach on staff and spent extended time with Cougar head coach Bronco Mendenhall and running back coach Lance Reynolds.

"Coach Mendenhall is different," Quezada observed. "I like that about him. It's not all just about football. He cares about you as a person and talks mostly about your personal progression, and I like that about him. I like it a lot."

Quezada also learned that BYU's offense is almost exactly like the system he plays in at La Habra.

"It really is BYU's offense that we run," he observed. "Coach Reynolds knows the coach that first put in the offense at our school and explained how it was developed at BYU, which was really cool."

Quezada learned how much BYU uses its running backs in its offensive system, and he considers that a huge plus.

"I like catching the football," said Quezada. "I just love getting the ball, so yeah, learning how important running backs are at BYU [is something] I really liked. I mean, they throw to their backs as much as they throw to their receivers."

As is somewhat easy to note, Quezada soon learned that BYU is not like any other university.

"It's clean, real clean," he said. "BYU really is a one-of-a-kind type of school. They promote clean living, which I like a lot about them, and everyone is real nice. I really like BYU better now than before after seeing them up close."

Quezada then tripped up to Utah the following day and had similar thoughts regarding what the Ute program has to offer.

"I really enjoyed spending so much time with Coach Whittingham," he related. "He talks to you like a person and not a player. I really felt comfortable around him and I liked how he made me feel. He's a lot different than Coach Mendenhall, but each has things that I like a lot."

Quezada also spent a lot of time with current players, particularly Nai Fotu.

"He's a great guy and real fun to hang out with," said Quezada about Fotu. "Utah has a real family feel about their program, which I like a lot. I'm not saying that BYU doesn't have that, but I really felt that while at Utah. They're real humble there. Even though they won the Sugar Bowl they're still humble about it, and I like that."

Overall, he strongly feels drawn to both schools.

"Right now I could probably say that they're my top schools and the two schools the others will have to beat out," said Quezada about BYU and Utah. "I really like both schools more now and the other schools will have to make me feel better or I'll probably end up at either BYU or Utah, which would be great since I love both schools."

Quezada's tour resumes this coming weekend, as he's scheduled to take an unofficial visit to San Diego State.

"They're close to home and we'll see how they compare to BYU and to Utah," he said. "After that I hope to make more visits and see all the schools that are recruiting me up close and then decide."

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