Tushaus Reports on Visits

Blair Tushaus recently took unofficial trips to both BYU and nearby Arizona State. The goal for Tushaus was to gain a better perspective on which school he prefers, as he's preparing to commit to either school as early as the end of this week. While Arizona State is a well-known school for Tushaus and his family, they wanted to get another close look at BYU before he makes his commit decision.

Blair Tushaus is a 6-foot-2-inch, 270-pound center prospect from Notre Dame Preparatory School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tushaus recently narrowed his list of potential suitors down to BYU and Arizona State. He aims to make his commit decision by the end of the week and recently returned from visits to both schools to help further his decision.

The first stop was at BYU, where Tushaus and his parents visited with Cougar coaches.

"My mom hadn't seen BYU up close before, so it was great for her to check it out, meet with coaches and she loved it," he said about his visit.

Tushaus and his father were present at BYU's Junior Day in early June, and both of them becoming well educated on BYU and what it has to offer. Despite the visit, Tushaus and his family felt that a closer look was beneficial, if only so his mother could see the campus up close along and meet with the coaches face-to-face.

"We met with all of the coaches," related Tushaus. "Most of our time was spent with Coach Weber and with Coach Tidwell, along with Coach Mendenhall, and they were great. It was great for my mom to meet them and we trust them, and that's a very important thing."

Tushaus' family are devout Catholics, and thus attending a predominantly Mormon school was a big issue for him and his parents. Over time Tushaus has become educated on how he would fit in as a non-Mormon and has grown comfortable with that.

To help further aide in what is a transition most BYU fans don't fully understand, Tushaus met and talked a lot with current non-LDS player Terrance Hooks.

"He was great," said Tushaus about Hooks. "He really took a lot of time with me and answered the tons of questions that I had and that my family had. It was great to meet a non-LDS player who has been at BYU for a while and loves it. It really helped me a lot talking to him."

Hooks wasn't the only player Tushaus met and talked with, however.

"I bumped into Bronson Kaufusi," Tushaus said. "He asked about me and it was great. He's a great guy and I really felt comfortable with him and everything. All the players I've met at BYU or are going to BYU are great guys and I'd love to play with them."

It also helped that Tushaus took his visit at the same time as fellow recruit Joshua Quezada. During their respective tours they met up and talked a lot about things.

"[Quezada's] a great guy and someone who is sort of like me in that we're religious guys, but aren't LDS," observed Tushaus.

Overall there were no surprises for Tushaus during his visit. He had come to know BYU very well through his previous visit as well as conversations with coaches and future Cougars such as Jake Heaps.

"I said in my last interview that BYU was growing on me every day, and it's continued," he explained. "My visit just worked to confirm what I already feel about BYU. They're still one of my top two schools and they're a school I could be committing to here soon."

Arizona State was next on the agenda for Tushaus and his family. Unlike with BYU, his family was very familiar with Arizona State and what they have to offer, as they live only 15 minutes from the campus.

"They're sort of the hometown favorite and were the school I cheered for growing up," said Tushaus about Arizona State. "So it's not like I visit their campus looking for things. I'm very familiar with their campus and what they have to offer."

The purpose for Tushaus in visiting Arizona State this past weekend was to confirm some things with the Sun Devil coaching staff and to get to know them better.

"I love Coach Erickson," he expressed. "They've stayed true to me like BYU has stayed true to me throughout the process, and that's big in my mind."

While both schools are about equal in Tushaus' mind currently, it's somewhat remarkable how different the two programs are. Of course, no school is quite like BYU in what they have to offer, which leads to a very difficult decision in Tushaus' mind.

"Each school has great points and things I like about them," he said. "They're different in a lot of ways and that's what is going to make my decision so tough. It's something I'm going to think about a lot, and when it hits me which school I need to go to, I'll commit. I don't know if it will happen by the end of this week. I hope it will, but when it does I'll be making my final decision."

Tushaus did indicate that he likely will decide by the end of this week and TBS will follow up when he does.

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