Could BYU Have Nation's No. 1 OL Class?

This class looked like it'd be puny even just a few weeks ago. Now it looks like BYU could get a remarkable class of practically every lineman it wanted. It may take half the millenium, but someday Ben Olson could potentially be lining up behind four all-conference, or All-American, type linemen...

Let's put it this way... we're not factoring in Brian Soi, a top 100 national player, and BYU's class, based on its success at one position, offensive line, is already outstanding.

But if you isolate that one position, you have to marvel at how big a turnaround it's been from a year ago when BYU ended with a thud, losing J.T. Mapu and Haloti Ngata (granted, two DLs) late in the game.

It seems everytime we turn around BYU is getting a verbal from somebody it really wanted.

The only one that fell through the cracks was Kyle Brady and that's because Utah put a huge push to get him for political reasons (instate pride) and because he didn't want to play defense where the Cougs wanted him.

So let's dream and say BYU gets Ofa Mohetau, who publicly at least is saying he's very neutral, but has said he will serve a mission (good for BYU's case).

Also, his parent told Dick Harmon of the Deseret News, "My son loved his trip to BYU and felt very comfortable."

The unbelievably talented Texan would give BYU four studly h.s. linemen in this class, along with Dallas Reynolds, Jason Speredon, and R.J. Willing. All have indicated they want to go on missions, so we might see them play, our grandchildren might.

But in terms of classes, how good would this one rank nationally? Could it be No. 1-2-3?

Virginia, believe it or not, already has two top 100 guys in Ian-Yates Cunningham (Texas) and Jordy Lipsy (Fla.).

Watch out for Miami, also, because they have a top 100 blocker in Andrew Baim, trip Ofa this weekend, and have a bubble Hot 100 guy in Cy Wimbs. Plus the Canes always pull out a stud late in the game.

Where does BYU fit in? I asked Student Sports national director of player personnel, Brian Stumpf, who oversees the database of ALL the 10,000 odd prospects SS tracks.

"Certainly there's still a lot that can happen between now and Signing Day, but if BYU could add Ofa to the solid group of offensive linemen they already have committed, their OL class would be right up there in the nation's top five at that position, along with schools like Virginia, USC, Miami and Georgia."

One thing that will hurt the BYU class ranking is simply the small number of players (4) they would have if Ofa commits.

"There's definitely high quality there," Brian continues, "but they probably wouldn't be No. 1 just because of numbers. Some classes, like one at Miami, may have 6-8 bluechip guys."

Here are the other colleges, according to Stumpf, who are battling BYU for outstanding line classes:

Sam Baker
Travis Draper
Ryan Kalil
Drew Radovich
Trey Chandler
Tommy Gainous
Nick Jones
Zeb McKinzey
Carlton Medder
Ken Shackleford
Fernando Velasco
Marshall Ausberry
Ian-Yates Cunningham
Jordy Lipsey
Eddie Prinigis
Gordie Sammis
Ben Amundsen
Kevin Gage
Jim LaBonte
Torrey Nichols
Chris Norwell
Martin O'Donnell
James Ryan
Andrew Bain
Derrick Morse
John Rochford
Cyrim Wimbs

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