Cougars 51-75

G-man reviews the third quarter of the roster, which includes most of the linemen, particularly the offensive linemen that have been competing for spots this coming season. So how have they fared during the fall practice session and what can fans expect from them this season?

#51-Shane Hunter 5-10, 236 Jr. LB: Like he's done since joining the team, Hunter has provided solid practice play at the inside linebacker position. He's seen most of his reps with the third-team defense this fall and will do well again this year preparing the offense for the coming week's opponent.

#52-Russell Tialavea 6-3, 266 Sr. DL: Tialavea has had an interesting fall camp, as he's worked hard to learn how to play at his greatly decreased weight. He's obviously quicker and more agile at his new weight and looks like a defensive end more so than a nose tackle these days.

What Tialavea has given up is a lot of strength, which could affect him this season. He recently missed three straight days of practice due to just being exhausted, which should concern coaches regarding the amount of reps he can take during a game. Coaches may opt to use him on the outside at defensive end on occasion during passing situations.

#53-Blake McKenzie 5-10, 201 Fr. LB: McKenzie is developing and will add depth to the linebacker position this coming year.

#54-Ryan Freeman 6-2, 280 So. OL: Freeman has been seeing most of his time playing left guard with the second-team offense. He has some mission rust, but should be expected to provide solid backup options at the guard positions.

#54-Jason Richardson 5-11, 226 Fr. LB: Richardson has made some nice plays during practices and has recorded two interceptions. He's been seeing most of his time with the third-team defense playing inside linebacker.

#55-Brandon Ogletree 5-11, 222 Fr. LB: Ogletree was widely mentioned by coaches to be someone they were impressed with this past spring before an injury ended it abruptly for him. So far this fall it's become apparent why they were impressed, as he's played very well backing up Matt Bauman at the Mike linebacker position.

#57 Matt Putnam 6-6, 255 So. DE: Putnam has ever been adjusting to his increased weight since spring football and is getting better with every practice. He'll still be used mostly for pass rushing, as his run defense is still in question. Putnam will be used in spots during most games this coming season.

#58-Jeff Bell 6-0, 224 Sr. LB: You could basically say the same things for Bell as you say about Shane Hunter. He'll add quality prep work for the offense throughout the season while adding good depth at middle linebacker.

#59-John Pace 6-2, 214 Sr. DS: I haven't noticed Pace much at all during practices, which is exactly what should be the case with any deep snapper. He plays one of the positions that is only noticed when something wrong happens, and so far this fall no deep snap has gone array, which is a very good thing.

#59-Jordan Winger 6-0, 213 Fr. LB: Winger has seen work with the third- and fourth-team defense and will add depth to the position this coming season.

#60-Terence Brown 6-3, 340 So. OL: Brown has arguably been the most consistent offensive lineman throughout fall camp. He's been a mainstay at right guard and doesn't miss many assignments. While he may be maligned by fans regarding his weight, Brown has simply provided consistent and oftentimes dominant play from his position.

#61-Tui Crichton 6-3, 357 Fr. OL: Crichton has seen most of his time playing left guard with the second-team offense. Injuries and other issues have caused Weber to use his true freshmen in roles that he probably otherwise wouldn't have, and Crichton is getting a wealth of experience as a result.

#62-Marco Thorson 6-3, 321 So. OL: Thorson has been a mainstay at left guard since assumed starter Jason Speredon went down with a rotator cuff injury that will keep him out for most of the season. Thorson has provided good play and obviously has the complete confidence of Coach Weber in that he hasn't tried out many other options at left guard since Speredon's injury.

Thorson is a walk-on that began to receive raves from coaches this past spring. What he provides is a dependable option that is well educated in the blocking schemes BYU runs.

#63-Jesse Taufi 6-4, 302 Jr. OL: Taufi is still listed on the roster, but he's yet to be seen during fall camp, as he's working to catch up on his academics. As spring practice broke he was right there as one of the players expected to compete for a starting spot, so his absence has hurt quite a bit.

Should he return, Taufi could very well work himself into a starting role given his ability and what he showed during spring practices. We'll let you know when he arrives and any progress he makes as a result.

#64-R.J. Willing 6-5, 308 Sr. OL: Willing is very well-seasoned within the program, having played just about every position along the offensive front since he first joined the team. This makes him a very good option at center, where he's been taking virtually every snap since fall camp kicked off.

#65-Houston Reynolds 6-2, 303 Fr. OL: The youngest Reynolds had his season end with an ACL injury about a week ago. Prior to his injury he was being considered as one of the top backup options on the offensive line.

#66-Andrew Crawford 6-5, 284 Fr. OL: Crawford has been seeing reps with the third- and second-team offensive line. Most of his time has been split between guard and tackle, and he looks to add quality depth for the coming season.

#70-Matt Reynolds 6-6, 329 So. OL: Reynolds has been out for most of fall camp with a broken hand. No one expects him to not play or start against Oklahoma, so we're to do the same.

Reynolds' contribution to the offensive front is immeasurable, as he's the lone returning starter from a year ago. When healthy he's proven to be a dominant lockdown player at the critical left tackle position. Should he meet expectations and return for the Oklahoma game and the entire season, it will boost the overall play of the offensive front tremendously.

#72-Nick Alletto 6-6, 329 Jr. OL: Alletto is your starter at right tackle, having seen every rep at the position with the first-team offense since Matt Reynolds went down with his broken hand. He had been competing with Braden Hansen at the position, but now looks to be securely in place as the starter.

Alletto has quietly gone about his business and is waiting his turn to start. This year looks to be that year, and he'll look to lock down the right side of the offensive front.

#73-Jason Speredon 6-5, 313 Jr. OL: As mentioned, Speredon will miss most of the season with his rotator cuff injury. His career at BYU has been marred with injuries since first joining the team following his mission. When healthy he's proven to be very effective and would have started this season at left guard.

#74-Ryan Mulitalo 6-2, 277 Fr. OL: Mulitalo has been seeing most of his reps playing right tackle with the second-team offense. While he's probably not ready for game situations, he'll add good depth at the position as he works to improve his play.

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