Cougars 76-99

G-man goes over the last quarter of the roster, completing his ultimate reference guide to BYU fall football. The final part of the roster includes the rest of the offensive and defensive linemen that have competed during fall camp. Read about how have they looked and how they will likely contribute this season.

#76-Braden Hansen 6-6, 300 Fr. OL: Hansen has been getting all the reps with the first-team offense at the critical left tackle position. He's been there since starter Matt Reynolds broke his hand, and Hansen has done very well in filing in.

Where Hansen ends up when Reynolds makes his expected return should be of interest. Coach Weber has always worked to put his best five offensive linemen on the field and Hansen could well be considered as one of the best five. Weber has cross-trained his offensive linemen and fans subsequently shouldn't be surprised to see Hansen playing guard during games after the return of Reynolds.

#77-Terrance Alletto 6-3, 287 Fr. OL: While he was assumed to be an interior lineman coming out of high school, the younger Alletto has seen most of his time spent at the left tackle position with the second-team offense. There is a shortage of tackles on the team right now, which probably caused coaches to try him out at tackle more than any other factor.

Him playing left tackle perhaps indicates how coaches regard his abilities, as left tackle is the most essential offensive line position. Alletto is most likely ticketed for backup duty this coming season.

#78-Fono Vakalahi 6-3, 335 Fr. OL: Vakalahi has been getting most of his reps at center with the second-team defense. He's shown to be a very vocal player during most practice sessions and has promising prospects.

#80-Cody Hoffman 6-4, 200 Fr. WR: Hoffman is a very impressive-looking prospect who passes the eye test. Early on it was very apparent that he was raw in his route running and other aspects of playing wide receiver, but has worked hard to improve his game in those respects.

It's been intriguing to watch Hoffman progress, as he's tightened up his routes and learned the offense a bit. Hoffman has the overall athleticism and superior height to be labeled as one of the more exciting prospects in the program currently. Look for Hoffman to get scout-team work this year, which should help him immeasurably.

#82-Mike Muehlmann 6-4, 227 Fr. TE: Muehlmann isn't the first or maybe even the second name fans think of when considering who will be taking over for Dennis Pitta and Andrew George at tight end, but maybe he should be. He's shown very good route-running skills and great hands throughout practice sessions.

He's likely ticketed for scout-team duty this year due to the depth at tight end, but scout team work should benefit not only his progress, but also help the defense prepare from week to week.

#83-Spencer Hafoka 6-0, 196 So. WR: Hafoka has recovered remarkably well from his illness this offseason, enough so to get second-rotation reps at the XR position behind O'Neill Chambers. That will likely continue throughout the season. Hafoka has made plenty of plays during practices and will provide solid playmaking abilities at his position.

#84-Jan Jorgensen 6-3, 259 Sr. DE: Jorgensen has done what he's done for the past three years: providing solid and often dominant play from his defensive end position. It will be sort of weird seeing someone else man the position after this season, as he's been a mainstay there since the 2006 season.

Jorgensen has slimmed down some from last year and has predictably shown very well throughout fall camp. With the added strength at nose tackle, fans can expect him to make more plays this year than he did a season ago.

#85-Brett Thompson 6-3, 216 Fr. WR: Thompson is on the cusp of joining the regular wide receiver rotation, and it will be interesting to see how that pans out this coming week. The reason why he will be considered for immediate play as a true freshman is because of his combination of size and speed, which is rarely seen in a BYU wide receiver.

Thompson has shown very good strength and know-how in getting himself open and then making plays on the ball. Even if he doesn't get regular-rotation reps this coming season, the future is very bright for him and fans can expect him to be one of the better wide receivers BYU has had pass through the program.

#86-B.J. Peterson 6-3, 206 Jr. WR: Peterson is the "Matt Smith" of the receivers, in that he's shown well in practices for at least a couple of years now, but will be hard-pressed to see much game-time if any at all due to the strength at the position. He's a big body that runs good routes, and at the very least will add good depth to the position.

#87-Rhen Brown 5-10, 187 Fr. WR: Brown has seen reps with the third-team offense and has good top-end speed. He'll likely be on the scout team this year and will work there to improve his game to the point where he can join the regular receiver rotation in the near future.

#88-Andrew George 6-5, 251 Sr. TE: George should have his best season as a tight end this year. Coaches have gone double-tight with George and Pitta for the grand majority of the reps this past fall practice session, leading to a lot of production from George during most practice sessions.

George has very good size and has always been a superior route runner. Fans can expect him to play a much bigger role within the offense than he has in each of his last two seasons.

#89-Braden Brown 6-6, 250 Fr. TE: Brown will be the third tight end this year primarily due to his blocking abilities. He's proven to be a punishing blocker that will be a mainstay at either the tight end or fullback positions during short-yardage sets.

Brown moves remarkably well for his size and is the lead candidate to be the starter at tight end during the 2010 season. Subscribers who frequent chat are well aware of how high I am on Brown's prospects, which I am for good reason.

#90-Matt Peterson 6-5, 265 Fr. DL: Peterson has seen reps with the third-team defense and will add good depth to the position this coming season.

#91-Mason Higham 6-4, 246 Fr. DL: Higham is a preferred walk-on that has shown well during fall. He'll likely work to improve his game on the scout team this coming year before competing again for a spot in the near future.

#92-Brett Denney 6-4, 260 Sr. DE: Denney, like Jorgensen, is a mainstay at defensive end again and is providing consistent and sometimes dominant play from his position. Denney is a big reason as to why the defensive front as a whole is emerging as the strength of the Cougar defense.

#93-Matthew Edwards 6-3, 206 So. TE: Edwards has shown very well with the third-team offense, rising to be the top receiver during most practices with that unit. He'll do well with the scout team this year in prepping the defense and in adding depth to the position.

#94-Jordan Richardson 6-3, 275 Fr. DL: Richardson has shown well this fall and will be considered for game reps in the coming week. He's a dependable lineman who can be worked in at either the defensive end or nose tackle positions.

#96-Steven Fisher 6-4, 252 So. DL: Fisher has been seeing reps with the third-team defense playing defensive end, where he'll add good depth to the position.

#97-Tevita Hola 6-1, 309 Sr. DL: Hola has been the biggest and most pleasant surprise of fall camp. While he's perhaps been unmotivated in his play since arriving at BYU, he's worked very hard to contribute very well to the nose tackle position during most practice sessions.

Hola will be in the rotation this coming year, and given that he has perhaps better lower-body strength than his counterparts at the position, he should be a involved in most short-yardage situations. The nose tackle position has gone from a spot of uncertainty to a position of strength due in large part to Hola's play.

#98-Romney Fuga 6-1, 295 So. DL: Fuga has come back from his mission in remarkable shape and will be part of the planned three-man rotation at nose tackle this season. He's shown well and consistent during most practice sessions this fall.

#99-Riley Stephenson 6-0, 183 Fr. P/K: One of the best things about watching practice this fall is to witness the height and length of Stephenson's punts. He's looked better and more consistent than any punter I've seen at BYU during practice sessions, and should add considerably to the field-position battle during most games.

Due to the inaccuracy and inconsistency of Payne's field-goal kicking, Stephenson will also be considered for place-kicking duties. More so, he's competing with Payne in kickoff duties as well, and could end up doing all the kicking for the Cougars this coming season.

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