Ofa's Mom Speaks

OK, we're looking for any insight (or straws to grasp) we can get on Ofa these days, from the color of his shoes to the order he lists his final four (ASU, BYU, Miami, and Texas, in alphabetical order). I caught up with his mother today and she had a couple of interesting things to say...

She said when it came to Ofa serving a mission, BYU is the only one she trusts for sure.

"I know they all say he can go, but I know BYU will allow him to," she said this afternoon. "They're the only one I really trust on that."

Is a mission that important to her? Let's put it this way: she has 10 children, five boys, and Ofa is the second youngest.

And he'll be the first to go on a mission. Think that Sister Mohetau isn't looking at that as a big factor?

In my 11 years of being in the recruiting game, I've seen it come down 90 percent of the time with Polynesian players that they go where the Mom wants them to go. From her speech, I got a strong impression Ofa's mom wants BYU.

Before you say, "Well, Ngata's mom wanted BYU" remember that she did until the "secret trip" to Oregon swayed her mind.

Now, Lance Reynolds is in the home tonight after following the head coaches of ASU last night and Texas the night before (Crowton has used up his visit).

I asked, having heard a rumor that Texas was out, if the four schools were still the same and she said yes. She likes Texas in that it's the closest to Euless at a hearty four hour drive, but she mentioned the church role at BYU as a big plus also.

The wild card here is Miami: the Canes weren't in the last two National Title games for nothing. They know how to wow national players and the last impression could be the most lasting one. Not good for BYU fans.

However, Texas also wows the recruits and Ofa hasn't gone ga-ga over them so far. It's a good sign for BYU that Reynolds is coming in after the other contenders because he can nullify the rah-rah speeches of Koetter and Brown.

And you can be sure he'll emphasize the fact BYU will have no problems working in a mission, especially after J.T. Mapu got the no-mission speech from Phil Fulmer at Tennessee.

Ofa's keeping his cards close to his chest and I've seen stories like these go down to the wire. You'd think it's BYU and Texas and Miami wins out. Let's hope this one turns out a little different than the Signing Day sagas that happened last year.

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