Cougars Peaking at the Right Time

The Cougars have had their eyes on the Oklahoma game for some time now, and with Saturday's event just right around the corner, they feel they're peaking at just the right time in many ways. This bodes well for the Cougars' mindset heading into the season opener.

The general feeling among the players is that they are peaking at the right time, and when one's playing a team as talented as Oklahoma, that's a good thing. One needs all of their ducks in a row, and the Cougars feel that row is shaping up nicely.

"I think everything is coming together and we're peaking at the right time," said Cougar receiver McKay Jacobson. "We're really honing in on the plays that we're going to be running. We've been practicing with a lot of crowd noise and that's been good practice for the team. It's going to be packed and loud, so it's good for us to practice with that. So we're now just polishing up on the little things and it's coming together."

Quarterback Max Hall agrees with Jacobson's assessment of the team peaking at the right time for the Oklahoma game.

"We've been working on our script for three or four days now," said Hall. "Things feel right and the attitude is right. We're excited to play, so I think McKay is right on when he said we're peaking at the right time to play a very good opponent on Saturday."

After much practice, personal preparation and evaluations, the team feels as if there is nothing more they can prepare themselves for.

"Offensively, the coaches have done a phenomenal job with the script," said Hall. "I've already got the script memorized and the game plan memorized and everything we want to do."

"Max has a lot to memorize as a quarterback," said Jacobson. "So it's good that he's already gotten everything down and is just ready to go. I'm about there and should be by the time we get to Dallas. I think we're ready to go now."

Heading into the game, the Cougars have no team distractions, no preparation question marks that haven't been answered, and are fully unified as a team.

"I think the team is really coming together," Jacobson. "I feel really good about how unified we are as a whole and where we are right now. I don't see any distractions on the team, and so that's always good going into the game. We're very unified and ready to go and just now focusing on our team and our first game."

"I think there is a lot more unification this year than last year," said Hall. "I feel like the team is ready to play for one another and this year we're ready to go out there and play for one another. It's an exciting feeling and it feels just right. I don't have much else to say other than, ‘Let's go play."

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