Bingham Squares Off Against Euless Trinity

Bingham High School went up against perennial powerhouse Euless Trinity Monday and came up short, falling 42-21 to the Trojans. Several BYU recruits were on display and although the game certainly didn't go the way they hoped, the Miners of Bingham showed relatively well in some key areas of the ball game. TBS was there to take note of it all.

"We'll always remember this experience even though it didn't go our way," said Bingham head football coach Dave Peck. "For the rest of their lives our players will be able to point out to their kids when they watch NFL games at this stadium that they played there on that same field, and that's a special thing for them."

Monday's game at the brand new Cowboys Stadium had about 30,000 in attendance. It's something that could have been overwhelming to most schools, but according to Peck, his players weren't intimidated.

"We came here to win," he said. "We'll take on anyone in the nation and we feel that we can take on anyone that wants to play us, even though we didn't play as well as I thought we would today. I take a lot of that blame and I wish we could have shown better for the state of Utah. Utah has some great football and unfortunately we didn't play our best today to show that, so that was very disappointing."

Euless Trinity is a Texas powerhouse in every sense of the word, and as such, it could well be argued as being the top prep football program in the nation. The Trojans of Trinity employ a power smash-mouth type of team that usually overwhelms its opponents physically.

Bingham, however, showed very well at the point of attack, stuffing most run attempts up the middle. Where Trinity exploited Bingham was around the edges, where the Miners had a tough time keeping up with the speed of such players as running back Tevin Williams, quarterback Willie Hubbard and wide receiver Bobby Brown.

"They beat us too much on the outside," confirmed Peck. "Their speed was hard to contend with."


-Tevin Williams of Trinity is a definite Division I player and is already getting tons of attention from some local and Big 12 programs as a junior. Look for him to sign with a top Division I program after his senior season and go on to have a successful college career.

-As for Bingham, Harvey Langi didn't get it going, as the coaching staff tried to surprise Trinity early on and didn't give him his expected amount of reps. Bingham never really got any type of ground game going, although Langi played well during stretches.

-I was as impressed with Bingham's nose tackle as I was with anyone on the field. He's only a junior and could be getting some scholarship offers here soon. Remember the name Seni Fauonuku, as he showed great twitch off the line, great lateral movement and more than enough power to dominate his would-be blocker on most downs.

-Tuni Kanuch showed well, but I was a little surprised that he never got in to play defense during the game. While playing offensive guard he did show very well in his run-blocking, getting a good push on most occasions.

-As mentioned, Bingham really struggled off the edges on defense and with containment. Up the middle they proved to be Trinity's equal. Had they had some of the speed Trinity did at the skill positions, then this game would have been far closer.

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