BYU Better the Second Time Around

Joshua Quezada made his way to BYU this past weekend on his first official visit. It's not the norm for BYU's staff to host a recruit this early on an official trip, but they made an exception in this case. For Quezada, it was his second trip to see BYU up close and he came away with a better impression of the school than he did during his initial unofficial visit.

Joshua Quezada is a 5-foot-11-inch, 210-pound running back/safety prospect from La Habra High School in Southern California. He has received a lot of local interest, but has recently focused on three out-of-state schools.

"BYU, Utah and Washington are my top three right now," he said. "BYU went way up after my visit. I liked them before, but I had a really great time on my trip, so they're even higher now."

Quezada's trip started extremely early, as he woke up to catch his flight to Salt Lake City at 4:30 a.m. Upon his arrival he was driven down to Provo and to BYU's campus, where they fed him the first of many meals. "I ate good on my trip, that's for sure," he commented.

After breakfast he met up with his official host, who was true freshman tight end Richard Wilson.

"I met Richard a bit on my first trip and liked the guy a lot," said Quezada. "This time I got along even better with him and some of the other guys there. I really like the team there and how close they are. Richard spent a lot of time with me showing me everything and answering all my questions."

Considering that the team was undergoing some intense game preparation for its impending game against Florida State, Quezada's visit consisted almost entirely of following the team around and observing their film sessions, meetings and walkthroughs.

"I really liked that," he said. "I sat in on the running back meeting, watched the walkthrough and just observed everything the team did to prepare. Seeing all of that up close gave me a sense of how good the coaches really are there. They do things very well and I know that they're a top program."

After the film session Quezada was able to meet one-on-one with head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"I love Coach Mendenhall and how he talks to you," he related. "He talks to you about everything in a very laid-back manner. We talked about football, but about everything else too. He explained that his concern and duty was to help his players succeed in all aspects of their life and not just football. I like that and I feel that BYU has everything I need to become better in everything that is important to me."

Quezada isn't LDS, but holds a lot of the same ideals inherent within BYU and its football program. He was able to note that up close as he concluded that Friday by attending the team's fireside.

"That was sort of like what my high school does before game," he commented. "It's not like we meet in a church and give talks, but we do acts of service before every game like visiting the elderly and giving them flowers and stuff like that. So I really like that. I like doing something for the community before games. I was also impressed with all the people there and the feeling you got. It was cool and it's a unique thing about BYU that I liked a lot."

Quezada then went back to his hotel with his brother who was on the trip with him to discuss things and get some much needed rest. His brother is a coach for La Habra, and is very much someone he leans on for advice.

"It's great to have an older brother along with you to let you know what he thinks of things," he said. "We were both having a great time and agreed that BYU would be a great place for me to attend school and to play football."

The next day Quezada attended the BYU football game against Florida State, and although it wasn't the Cougars' best showing, he came away with some very positive impressions.

"The fans were great," he noted. "The stadium was packed and it was a great atmosphere. Every fan that I saw and met was very friendly and supportive. Everyone there is very friendly and that is one of the main things I like about BYU."

Basking in the atmosphere is obviously only part of the experience Quezada is looking for. He wants to fit into an offensive system and thrive on the football field, and in watching the game against the Seminoles it became very apparent to him just how he'd fit in with the team.

"Their running back averaged 9.7 yards per carry," he noted. "It was too bad they got behind and couldn't run him more, but I watched him move and all that and I thought that that was exactly what I'd do for BYU. I loved how they used him and their offensive line looked great blocking for him. Their system is perfect for me and that was obvious."

Overall Quezada came away with an even better impression of BYU following his trip. While he liked his initial unofficial visit, his official visit put BYU up on his list of schools.

"They're on top right now with Utah and Washington," he said. "I don't like any of those schools better than I like BYU right now. What I'm going to do is visit both Utah and Washington on official visits and then decide. I want to compare my experience at those two schools with my experience at BYU. It's going to be tough to beat BYU since I loved my visit there."

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