Top Tight End Recruit Receives BYU Offer

Recruits don't come much bigger than Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who is currently receiving a bunch of letters by the truckload. Seferian-Jenkins holds 17 offers currently, with BYU coaches having recently thrown their hat in the ring for his services. So what are BYU's chances and why the interest in such a high-profile national recruit?

Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a 6-foot-7-inch, 245-pound tight end recruit from Gig Harbor, Washington who, simply stated, is being recruited by everyone. The interest started very early, as he received his first offer while a freshman from Washington.

"That was amazing to me that they offered so early," recalled Seferian-Jenkins. "After that other schools became interested and started contacting me and now, it's really crazy how many letters I'm getting every day."

One of the first schools to show him interest was BYU, which contacted him early on during his sophomore season. After a year of contact, BYU's interested culminated into an official offer that he received in the mail on Monday.

"I've always been interested in BYU and I've had as much contact with their coaching staff as I've had with anyone," said Seferian-Jenkins. "Coach Reynolds is the guy recruiting me and I like what I'm hearing and I'm grateful for their offer."

Seferian-Jenkins is a 2011 recruit, as he's just begun his junior season. He's also not LDS, which may induce many to ask what kind of chance BYU has in landing such a national recruit with 17 offers already on his plate.

As a lot of those that follow recruiting may have already guessed, the interest in BYU was really initiated by Cougar commit Jake Heaps.

"It's not like we just know each other; we're very good friends," explained Seferian-Jenkins regarding his relationship with Heaps. "We've gone to some camps together and I know that he's a great player. Hopefully we can play together at the next level. I'd love that and it would be a great opportunity for me."

What BYU holds for Seferian-Jenkins beyond his close relationship with Heaps is one of the strongest tight end traditions in the country. As he's been receiving his load of letters, Seferian-Jenkins has formed a very quick method of sifting through at least some of them.

"If a school doesn't want me as a tight end, but as a defensive end or offensive lineman, then I'm not interested," he explained. "I'm very intent on playing tight end in college. The school I sign with will be a school that wants me as a tight end and at no other position."

Most schools have obliged, and he's been contacted constantly by some of the top schools in the country, including such schools as Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, and LSU. Seferian-Jenkins doesn't have a ready favorite currently or even a top five, as he's considering every school that's shown interest in him as a tight end during this very early stage of the recruiting process.

BYU, however, is definitely an offer he says he'll consider due to his ties to Heaps along with his desire to play for a program that features its tight ends as much as BYU does.

"I love their offense and what has been explained to me by Heaps and the coaches," he said. "I know that BYU is a unique place with high standards, which I like as well. Hopefully I can go down there soon on a visit and learn more about the school. I plan to do that here soon. I also plan on visiting Oklahoma and some other schools."

He's also become impressed with how well BYU has been able to compete with some of the top programs in the country and is confident that BYU will contend for a national championship in the near future.

"They're a top program, there's no doubt about that," he said about BYU. "Going there I'd be able to join with some of the other top recruits in the country and compete for a national championship every year along with Jake, I really believe that. He's told me about some of the talent they're bringing in and it's impressive for sure."

Seferian-Jenkins isn't close to honing in on a decision and is about as wide-open currently as one could imagine any junior recruit with so many offers to be. By the time this summer rolls around, he should be able to basically name the school he wants to attend should the recruiting attention continue.

Right now he's just taking in the offers and will narrow down his choices as he begins his visits.

"I want to decide before my senior year," he mentioned. "I'm not set on deciding on that and if I can't decide by then, then I'll take my five official visits and then try to decide after the season. I have a lot of time, but yeah, I'd really like to make my decision before the start of my senior season."

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