Hinds Boys Finding Success

With two games left to play, brothers Tanner and Troy Hinds of Davis High School are having a great year as the Darts make their way towards a possible first place finish in their division. Total Blue Sports caught up with the Hinds boys for an update on their season and recruiting situation.

Davis High School tailback Tanner Hinds has shouldered much of the load for his high school team despite opposing defenses stacking the box in an attempt to stop him. He is producing an all-state-caliber performance.

"Things are going good and I'm having a good season," said Tanner. "Right now there is a two-way tie between us and Syracuse High School, so if we win out we'll be in first place in region."

The Davis Darts scored 28 points on Syracuse in a victory that has given them the tiebreaking edge if they can go unbeaten the rest of the way. Winning out will fall largely upon the running and catching abilities of Tanner Hinds.

"I'm doing good and I'm being used much the same way I was last year," Tanner said. "We have two more games left, but this season I have 930 yards rushing yards right now and 13 touchdowns. I also catch passes out of the backfield too, but I don't know how many yards I have."

With two regular seasons left and a possible state championship run, Tanner has plenty of opportunities to rush for more than 1,000 yards. He was a preseason First-Team All-State selection and looks to be on track to fulfill that prediction. All three of Utah's top colleges in BYU, Utah and Utah State had been recruiting Tanner, though that has died down somewhat.

"[They recruited me] mostly before the season but not as much now that the season has been going," said Tanner. "I think the coaches are focused more on their season right now, which is why."

Against Clearfield High School, Tanner averaged 11.87 yards per carry and is averaging 10 yards per carry on the season. He is still hopeful his senior-season performance will warrant a scholarship offer

"BYU is still my top school," Tanner said. "I'm hoping they'll offer me a scholarship, but if not then I'll probably try and walk on somewhere. I'll try and walk on wherever I can, but obviously I want to try and get a scholarship if I can."

Tanner's younger brother Troy is only a sophomore this year but starts on the varsity team, and is also doing very well for the Davis Darts. While Tanner takes care of the offensive side of the ball, Troy is emerging as a young force as a defensive end.

Troy Hinds

"I'm having a pretty good year," said Troy. "I don't have a ton of sacks but I have a lot of tackles. I have around 57 tackles and around six sacks right now."

Troy racked up about 21 tackles against the Weber High School Warrior offense.

Coming in at about 6 feet 5 inches and 220 pounds, Troy has plenty of time to fill in his frame. Scout has named Troy to the national top 100 sophomore prospect lists.

"I heard about that, but not too much though," said Troy. "I just heard that I was named as one of the top 100 sophomores or something like that. I think it's pretty sweet and just makes me want to do better. It just makes me want to work harder."

The younger Hinds also plays tight end on the offensive side of the ball, but doesn't catch many passes despite having sprinter speed.

"I usually just block when I get in," said Troy. "I usually block for my brother and that's cool. He's having a really good season."

Although he's a sophomore and is still too young to receive an official offer, Troy is receiving some attention from the Division I level.

"I'm not getting much attention from Utah, but mostly from BYU," said Troy. "BYU is my top school and I've been to their camp and I've talked to their coaches and really liked it. I like their coaches a lot and I've been to a couple of their practices and really like how they practice. That win against Oklahoma was sweet!"

There is a possibility that the two Hinds boys could end up at BYU together.

"We haven't really talked about that much right now," said Troy. "I think that would be sweet though. I definitely hope that BYU offers me a scholarship. They're my top school."

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