Pulsipher Getting Noticed

He was a hard-hitting safety and aggressive wide receiver for his Temecula High School football team. Now Adam Pulsipher has been switched to middle linebacker and is turning heads with his play. Many Pac-10 and MWC teams, as well as some from other conferences, are keeping their eyes squarely fixed on this up-and-coming prospect.

Last year, Adam Pulsipher racked up 73 tackles, two fumble recoveries and a sack as a sophomore defender. He also had 30 receptions for 295 yards and three touchdowns while playing on offense, and averaged 34.5 yards per punt return. All that led to Second-Team All-League honors.

However, despite the impressive numbers he put up last season, Pulsipher said he feels he's having a better season this year.

"The coaches moved me to inside linebacker," said Pulsipher. "I like it better because it frees me up to do more things. I'm able to make more tackles from the inside linebacker's position, but I'll pretty much do whatever the team needs."

The move to inside linebacker has also given Pulsipher the opportunity to be more of a leader.

"Right now I'm the captain of the defense so I call all the plays and all that," Pulsipher said. "I think moving to the inside has really helped me learn more and take on those responsibilities. We've had five games so far and I have 70 tackles right now, so it's a lot more than I had at this time last year. We run a 3-4-4 defense and mostly blitz off the edge, so most of our sacks come that way, but I do have one sack this year so far."

Pulsipher has grown some since his sophomore year and now measures in at 6 feet 2 inches and about 215 pounds. The added growth has helped him become more physical and durable.

"I'm still pretty fast and can move well for my size," said Pulsipher. "I'm getting quite a bit of mail every day from coaches from around here. I also get a lot of emails and stuff like that from coaches.

Pulsipher recently visited BYU and enjoyed his experience.

"I talked to Coach Weber and he said anytime I wanted to come up to watch BYU I could," Pulsipher said. "So we picked out a game and I went up for the BYU versus Florida State game. That was a lot of fun despite the game not coming out the way we had hoped. We had a luncheon before the game and all the coaches were there and we got to talk to them before the game. There were a lot of other recruits there and I know a lot of all the big names that were there. I got to talk to them a lot."

Coach Weber is the Cougar coach recruiting Pulsipher, and according to Pulsipher the two have forged a very good relationship.

"I was able to talk to [Weber] this past spring and he is just a very straightforward kind of guy and I like that. I just think he's a great guy and a great coach."

Currently, BYU, SDSU, Oregon and Washington are recruiting Pulsipher the hardest, with Alabama, Boise State, Nebraska, Stanford and Utah right behind.

"Yeah, BYU is recruiting me really well," Pulsipher said. "As far as local schools, I've been hearing a lot from SDSU and then Oregon and Washington, so we'll see how it goes, but I'm hearing from those schools quite a bit."

Currently, Pulsipher lists BYU at the top of his list. Pulsipher is LDS and will serve a mission like his older brother Austin, who has just returned home and is playing linebacker for Yale University.

"Definitely BYU is my top school because it is my church school and you can't go wrong there," Pulsipher said. "The program is one of the tops in the country and they've been playing very well this year. I really thought the Oklahoma win was sweet. We were watching it on TV and we were going crazy. It was nuts. My brother Andrew is up there at BYU right now and is greyshirting this year. He'll be playing quarterback and was saying it was crazy on campus after that win."

Pulsipher was able to attend BYU's summer camp last year and was moved from the sophomore group, due to his physicality, to the upper-level group.

"Yeah, last year I was moved up to the juniors and seniors," said Pulsipher. "I thought that was pretty cool. "Yeah, I'm hoping they offer me a scholarship. I went up to camp this past summer as well as other places too. Unfortunately I could only make it to BYU's non-padded camp because of the other camps that I went to. I was moved to outside linebacker at BYU's non-padded because they said that's the position they would recruit me at. They said that I did really well but they wanted to see how I played in pads. So right now I'm getting some film for them and hopefully after that something good will happen."

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