Logan Looking Forward to This One

Brian Logan has had this Saturday's matchup against San Diego State well in mind since the day he committed to BYU. After having his scholarship offer pulled by the Aztecs right before signing day, Logan relishes the chance to show them that they made a mistake by passing him up. But, considering his current situation, he is very glad that they did.

"I want this game bad, real bad," expressed Brian Logan about this week's game. "A big reason why I came here was to play against San Diego State and beat them bad. So yeah, I'm very excited for this matchup."

Logan starred for Foothill College in Southern California and quickly grabbed the attention of San Diego State's coaching staff following his freshman year. The Aztec coaching staff was headed by Chuck Long at the time, and SDSU was a great fit for Logan. Subsequently, he snatched up their offer and committed to the Aztecs.

He remained true to his commit even though other colleges, including some Pac-10 programs, expressed interest in him. All was fine and well up until the day Long got fired and was replaced by Brady Hoke.

"I'll never forget the day when they told me that I didn't have a scholarship anymore," recalled Logan. "It was devastating at the time, it really was. I remained true to them for over six months, not looking anywhere else, and then, they just drop me. It was hard, I'm not going to lie."

Logan was not informed of the decision by Hoke, but instead by the San Diego State athletic director, and subsequently he doesn't know the exact reasons as to why they pulled his offer to this day. It's something that has vexed him to some degree, although things did work out for the best, as BYU showed interest the very day he was dropped by the Aztecs.

He received a phone call from Cougar defensive coordinator Jaime Hill the very day he was informed that he didn't have a scholarship at San Diego State. For Logan, it was meant to be.

"Going back to my religious beliefs, I firmly believed that He worked it out this way and that BYU was where I was meant to be," Logan related. "It was exactly an hour after I got the call from San Diego State's athletic director when Coach Hill called me, so yeah, it was really meant to be in my mind."

Logan immediately sent film to BYU and was met with an offer quickly thereafter. Considering the late stage in the recruiting process at the time, as well as many other factors, Logan quickly snatched up the scholarship offer and committed.

"My family was comparing me getting rejected by San Diego State and accepted by BYU sort of like getting rejected by Washington State in the Pac-10 and accepted by USC," he explained. "This program is so much better than what I'd have at San Diego State, it really couldn't have worked out better in the end. I'm very excited that I'm here and that I've been able to play well right away."

Fitting In

Logan arrived at BYU during the spring block in April and was able to get a jump start on the other incoming junior college cornerbacks, which paid dividends.

"I knew they were coming in and I wanted to make sure I was ahead of the game and doing everything I could to get that starting spot," he recalled. "I immediately went to work to learn this defense as best I could before fall practice. Although I couldn't compete physically at the time, I was learning it mentally."

Logan couldn't work out during the offseason due to a nagging leg injury, but that didn't impede him from getting a leg up on the incoming competition.

"I was in the film room almost every day learning from the guys," he related. "Scott Johnson, man, he was a huge help, Brandon Bradley too. They really took the time to help me understand the defense, so when fall practice came I really felt like I was ahead of the other guys."

From day one of fall camp Logan showed to be a very aggressive player who was quick in his reads and in closing on the football. He also showed very well in tackling receivers and running backs in the open field, which has proven to be a big boost to the defense overall this season.

What Logan didn't show, through no fault of his own, was height. He's short, shorter than most, but he's been able to get by and provide very solid play regardless of his 5-foot-6-inch stature.

"I've had to deal with it my whole life, so I don't think about it much to be honest with you," said Logan about his height. "You just have to play with what you're given. I make up with it by being fast with my reads, quick to the ball and every other aspect of my game. Yeah, I'm short, but I can make plays regardless. It's not something I think about because you find excuses for not completing assignments if you do. I just go out there and play with what I've been given."

Some teams have picked on Logan early on this season, looking to exploit his 5-foot-6-inch stature, and it's likely to continue for the rest of his career. Despite that, he's held his own, maximizing his other advantages and providing solid play for the oft-exploited field cornerback spot so far this season.

While he's seen immediate success on the football field, Logan's also done well to fit in with BYU's unique culture, which can be a challenge for any non-LDS minority athlete. Logan chose to live alone his first year at BYU, but rarely if ever finds himself alone given the rigorous regime of a student athlete.

"I sleep at my house, that's it," he explained. "I'm always with Lee [Aguirre], Corby [Eason], Terrance Hooks, Brandon Bradley and a lot of guys on the team. I don't even know why I pay for my place, I'm never there. They've all been a big help to me fitting in here. I feel comfortable with them and we're all doing well."

With six games and almost seven months at BYU under his belt, Logan now just has San Diego State to look forward to in his immediate future. He fully admits that the chance to play against the school that spurned him is one of the biggest reasons he signed with BYU. So is he excited for this Saturday's game?

"You don't even know," Logan responded. "I really can't explain just how anxious I am to go against them. It's a huge game for me for many reasons."

Logan would obviously like to have a big game and relishes the chance to meet with Coach Hoke briefly after the game just to get a reason why his offer was pulled. Hopefully that meeting comes after he's burned the Aztecs for a couple of interceptions, and maybe even a pick-six.

"Oh man, I'd love that," said Logan about the prospect of meeting with Coach Hoke after making some big plays on Saturday. "I really just want to ask him why, just so I know. Looking back, I am grateful to San Diego State for being the first ones to offer me. They showed other schools that I can play at the Division I level. But I'm very happy that I'm at BYU and not there. I want to show them what they missed out on this Saturday. I've been waiting for this game since January."

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