Hall to Surpass Detmer?

Senior quarterback Max Hall is in his third year as the starting quarterback at BYU, and has had a fantastic career, even beating third-ranked Oklahoma on the road. Hall has another chance to put his stamp on the Cougar program by passing up legendary quarterback Ty Detmer in one key statistical category.

There are all kinds of quarterback labels attached to BYU's football program, such as "quarterback factory" and "Quarterback University." Many greats such as Gifford Nielson, Mark Wilson, Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Robbie Bosco, Ty Detmer, Steve Sarkisian and John Beck have passed – no pun intended – through the annals of BYU history. One of them, Detmer, won a Heisman Trophy while setting 59 NCAA records.

At halftime of the Oklahoma game Hall declared BYU would win the game … and then delivered

"A lot of people will look at how many yards you threw or touchdowns and things like that, and those stats are kind of the fun ones to look at," said Max Hall. "But if you can complete passes and move the chains and make third down conversions, that's a big stat. We've really focused on that this year and I think it's showing. We're number one in the nation on third down conversions and that's another big one."

Converting on third downs is a statistic Hall views as important, and it's obvious as to why the Cougar coaching staff has placed an emphasis on it. There's another important stat that Hall pays close attention.

"Whether I throw for 300 yards per game doesn't really matter to me," Hall said. "I think the biggest one that I pay attention to is completion percentage. Obviously, I don't want to turn the ball over with interceptions or fumbles. I just don't want to do that and have really worked hard on trying to clean that up. I want to be efficient and that efficiency rating is something that I really look at."

And while Hall said he would like to get touchdowns and whatnot, another stat he emphasizes is one that isn't visible in the statistics column.

"If I can also be good in the run game by making the right checks is something that is important to me. The thing that I was most happy about last week was that I was 100 percent in my run checks and in the audibles. If I can do that and be good with efficiency, I'm happy and we're pretty tough to beat."

Okay, so now we know a little more about how Hall and the Cougar coaching staff view quarterback success, but there is one stat that is the grandest of them all: wins.

The victory over UNLV was the 26th of Hall's career at BYU, putting him on the crest of passing Detmer's 29 career wins. Being able to pass up BYU's Heisman Trophy winner in career wins is something he only recently became aware of.

Hall tied a school record after throwing for seven touchdowns against UCLA in 2008

"Just recently in the last week or two weeks or so people have been bringing it up to me," Hall said. "Really, hopefully I can just be remembered as a quarterback who won and really did everything to help this team win."

But just because Hall wants to be remembered as a quarterback who won doesn't mean he wouldn't like to be remembered as the quarterback who won the most.

"The wins and losses are a stat that has meant the most to me," said Hall. "To have a chance to be tied or be ahead of [Detmer] is something that is amazing, and it's a blessing to have been able to have started for three years. Not a lot of people in college have a chance to do that. I just feel blessed and I want to take advantage of that opportunity and hopefully we can win as many games as we can here down the stretch and see what happens."

So far on the season Hall has thrown for 1,723 yards and 13 touchdowns, and has six more games still on the schedule as well as a bowl game. He's currently sixth nationally with a 162.6 passer rating.

Hall's first career start came against Arizona in 2007

"I didn't know that either," said Hall with a chuckle. "I'd like to be number one. I mean, that's the goal. Obviously there are some other good quarterbacks across the nation. Without some of those interceptions that I've thrown I'd be even closer up there to number one. To have that many interceptions and still be up there in the top ten is pretty good, and if I can keep playing well, hopefully we'll move up."

Good luck to Max Hall as he strives to become the best he can as a BYU quarterback in a long line of legends.

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