Cougar Curve: TCU 38, BYU 7

The Cougars got beat down and humiliated by TCU Saturday, as they were out-executed on every front. It wasn't the performance that even the most pessimistic fan was expecting, but it was a game that every fan would like to soon forget. Grades are in and as all could imagine, they're quite low.

Quarterback: C

Grading Max Hall is a bit difficult, as he wasn't the problem with the offense Saturday. A quarterback simply can't do much when faced with a consistently effective pass rush all while receivers simply can't beat man coverage. He was faced with both problems Saturday and was subsequently unable to put together long scoring drives.

The caution throughout the week leading up to the game was that the offense couldn't get into catch-up mode and long drops against the Horned Frogs, but that's exactly what happened Saturday. BYU may have had a good offensive game plan going into the game, but due to the course of the game it had to be abandoned for the most part.

Running Backs: B+

If anyone would have told me that Harvey Unga would have had 21 rushes for 123 yards in the game I would have thought that BYU most assuredly would have won the game. Unga was as effective as ever, getting good yards on most carries. As BYU fell behind, however, TCU didn't crowd the line nearly as much, allowing for a lot of the yards.

Manase Tonga was effective, although both J.J. Di Luigi and Bryan Kariya were relatively quiet. All in all, the running backs were the best unit on the field of play Saturday.

Wide Receivers: D

They simply could not beat TCU's cornerbacks in man coverage, which bottled everything up. Every pass thrown to a receiver had a TCU cornerback all but inside their shirt with their coverage. Granted, TCU's cornerbacks are extremely good, but it is imperative that any receiver beats man coverage on a consistent basis. On Saturday, it was the exact opposite.

McKay Jacobson would have helped out a lot Saturday, but his hamstring pull still isn't fully healed and he isn't ready to go as of yet. The existing lot of receivers do have potential, although none of them performed well at all outside of a couple of nice plays for positive yardage.

Tight Ends: C

It's almost as difficult to grade the tight ends as it is with the quarterback. Due to TCU being able to handle the receivers with man coverage, Dennis Pitta faced double teams the entire night. Andrew George didn't show up much on the passing tree in a very quiet night for the tight ends.

Offensive Line: D+

The run blocking was effective, but it was the pass blocking that really failed the offense Saturday. TCU seemed to again have a bead on the snap count and was subsequently able to get off of the snap very quickly, thereby disrupting the rhythm of the passing game.

The line looked confused in too many instances and was simply unable to handle TCU's pass rush for the duration of the game. This unit should rebound nicely and go on to finish the year strong as they learn from the lessons TCU handed them Saturday.

Defensive Line: D+

TCU ran away from and double-teamed Jan Jorgensen all night, making him a non-factor. The left side of the line proved vulnerable, as TCU got a good push on just about every running play while falling forward on almost every instance.

Linebackers: D-

The 3-4 defense was instituted and predicated on the ability of the inside linebackers to make plays and the ability of the outside linebackers to cover and pursue in space. After Saturday one has to wonder if BYU currently has the linebackers within the program to execute the system effectively.

Plays weren't made, containment was broken time and again, and this group uncharacteristically bit on play action and misdirection in virtually every instance. The group was playing on their heels and was reacting much too late in virtually every instance to what TCU was doing offensively.

Cornerbacks: D+

The corners weren't the problem, but they were beat their fair share on Saturday. Brandon Bradley had decent coverage on several big plays, but was unable to make plays on the ball due to Andy Dalton's effectiveness in getting the ball exactly where it had to be.

Brian Logan accounted for what may have been the biggest play of the game when he was flagged for a ticky-tack pass interference call on third-and-long. While it was a questionable call, Logan would do well to keep his hands off his coverage assignments with passes that have little to no chance of being completed.

Safeties: D

Scott Johnson was playing hurt, which may have accounted for his lack of open-field tackling and him getting beat deep while biting on play action on a couple of instances. BYU prides itself on being assignment sound, but Saturday saw most defensive units getting out of the assignments quite frequently.

Special Teams: B

Riley Stephenson had his best game of the year, while Mitch Payne whiffed on his only attempted field goal. The return game was more of an adventure than it should have been with O'Neill Chambers returning punts, although he did account for good yardage on his kick returns. BYU did contain Jeremy Kerley effectively as well.

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