The Final Countdown (last minute news & notes)

Nothing to do now but sit and wait. That's the tough part of recruiting for hundreds of college coaches across the nation. For BYU, everything is pretty well set in stone; well, except for one obvious exception...

Ofa, Ofa, Ofa...

No doubt ASU, BYU and Miami coaches are muttering that name in their sleep. Here it is less than 24 hours from when players can start faxing in letters of intent with their names attached and no one has a clue where Ofa is going, maybe not even Ofa.

He has said some things to people, including TotalBlueSports, that make it look like he's leaning BYU's way, but my experience is in the last few days and hours, emotions and logic tend to whirlpool and players can make some surprising choices.

Just ask BYU coaches about Villi Nauahi, the Kahuku safety who committed to the Cougars on his trip but switched to Hawaii after he returned to the Islands. He appeared solid to BYU, but changed his tune when pressured at home.

By the way, I'm hearing he's an academic question mark, so Hawaii might not see him either.

But back to the big fish still out there.

This is what we DO know about Ofa: he'll get out of bed tomorrow and look at three letters of intent sitting in front of him from the trio of finalists. He'll put his John Hancock on one and fax it in. It's that simple.

No one knows what's going through his head right now and his family may be unsure of what he's doing. Personally, I think it's BYU's to lose, but I remember several years ago the Albert Tuiapolotu story.

Remember Albert, the big FB/LB from Northern California? He wanted to go to BYU, his Dad wanted him to go to Cal, only 20 minutes away and he shocked everyone by making a compromise pick: Washington. He went there, left to go to a JC, went back to UW and had a quiet career there.

Ofa probably doesn't have the family conflict, but my point is things get weird at this stage of the game. I won't be shocked if it's BYU, I actually expect it. But I won't be shocked if it's ASU or Miami, either. I've seen too many strange things happen on Signing Day.

*** Elsewhere, with Villi's scholarship available, who will it go to? I think to a walk-on already in the program. Don't expect it to go to Chris Warner... I'm pretty sure he's going to walk on despite an offer from Nevada and trip offers from Boise State and Fresno State.

It's cool to see a kid who wants to go to BYU so bad he's spurning a full ride from elsewhere. Expect that loyalty to be rewarded really quickly if and when he starts contributing to the BYU program.

He'll come in as an athlete and his position will be determined later.

*** Check in later tomorrow: I'll have my thoughts on BYU's class, the Ofa situation and where BYU's class fits in.

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