Hall Excited For Final Stretch

After a bye week, the Cougars are healed up and ready to get back out on the football field. They face a Cowboy team that gave the Utes all they could handle on Halloween. The Cougars hope to avoid a scare of their own in Laramie this Saturday in hopes of winning out the rest of their season.

Max Hall was able to watch some of the Utah vs. Wyoming game and has also seen film of the Wyoming defense. Although the Cowboy defense is comprised of many of the same players from the past couple of years, he did notice some differences.

"I think Wyoming plays hard and they have a certain swagger about them, which is good," said Hall. "You know, they really are the same guys that we've played against the past few years. They do a few things differently [this year] and I think their defensive coordinator was their linebacker's coach. So it's pretty much the same with a few things differently thrown in there, but they're going to play us hard."

After the TCU game, the Cougars wanted to go right back out on the field and quickly erase that game from their memory. However, their bye week followed the TCU game and the Cougars had to wait. Although they want to go out and perform well, they don't want to place any added pressure on themselves during the final stretch of the season.

"It's important, but I don't think we have to put any more pressure on ourselves by saying we have to go out and do this or that," Hall said. "Let's just go out and play and do what we do and have fun. If we go out and play physical we'll win the game. There's no added pressure and I think the pressure is off of us now. We obviously want to go out and win the rest of our games, so let's go out and do that and have fun and take advantage of the opportunities that we still have."

Hall feels that the general attitude of the team is one of excitement and readiness. There is anxiety in the air and the Cougars want to get back out on the field and play.

"I just think we're all ready to play after watching all the other games this weekend and having the weekend off," said Hall. "I can feel that we're ready to get back out on the field and I know I'm ready to get back out. The week off was good for us because we were kind of beat up and the swine flu went around. A lot of us were beat up and I know I was. I was tired and beat up, so having the week off was good in helping us to reenergize and refocus to finish out the season strong."

The bye week gave the Cougars more time to study the Cowboys.

"It just gives you more time to watch film on them and prepare for them," said Hall. "It gives you time to see if you can do different things and add different things into the script that you might want to add, so it just gives you more time to prepare for a team and put a script together."

However, during their extra time, the Cougar coaching staff also took a look at what the team does well and added tweaks and additions to their offense.

"It's more of a self-evaluation rather than looking at other teams," said Hall. "It's kind of been, ‘Okay, what do we do really well and what are we not doing really well and how can we improve on those things?' From that there are a few things that we have been able to do and get better at and I'm excited about it.

"We have looked and there are some things that teams have done against us and have been successful against us to stop our offense. So we've kind of come up with a few things in our offense to beat those things by getting the ball to different areas and do different things. We've looked at some stuff that we may use in this game or we may use down the road, so I wouldn't say we've done some things for any specific team down the road but just some stuff in general that we have to do differently."

During the Oklahoma game, Coach Mendenhall expressed some sideline enthusiasm as the Cougars marched towards victory. Following the Cougars' loss to TCU, there has been talk among radio personalities that Coach Mendenhall needs to take on more of a cheerleader role.

"I don't think they know what they're talking about," Hall said. "I love Coach Mendenhall and I love everything about him. The things he's done for us as people and players are phenomenal. He has been different on the sidelines. He'd been very positive, optimistic and supportive, and so I think he has been doing all the right things. I just think maybe people don't see it and I think [Coach Mendenhall] is right on."

There are five games left on the Cougars' schedule, and Hall is grateful for every opportunity he has to suit up in blue and white for the remainder of his BYU college career.

"I'm excited that we have five games left," Hall said. "I've got five more opportunities as a BYU football player, and so this place has really meant a lot to me. I really want to take advantage of it and give it everything that I have these next games, and hopefully you'll see that on the field."

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