Cougar Curve: BYU 52, Wyoming 0

While not much of anything could go right two weeks ago, Saturday's game saw a performance where not much of anything went wrong for a Cougar football team that was clicking on all cylinders. Grades are in for every position group, and as can be imagined, those grades are high across the board.

Quarterback: A

Max Hall threw well, scrambled well and had what could well be considered as close to a perfect outing as one will ever see. He finished the game 20-of-22 for 312 yards and four touchdowns. He also rushed the ball five times for 30 yards.

Riley Nelson saw about a quarter and a half of work and was very effective in running the football 10 times for 71 yards. Nelson's lone pass was a would-be interception that was nullified by a penalty.

Running backs: A

Harvey Unga was as good as expected, rushing the ball 16 times for 85 yards. He didn't play most of the second half after sustaining a slightly sprained ankle early in the third quarter. Unga appears to be fine, however, and could have gone back into the game if needed.

J.J. Di Luigi had himself a great game. Offensive coordinator Robert Anae used him a lot in screen plays, as he caught five passes for 94 yards and two touchdowns. He was also used a lot in the running game along with Bryan Kariya and Manase Tonga. Overall it would be hard to find any fault with the running backs Saturday.

Wide Receivers: A-

The advantage of having McKay Jacobson in the rotation showed early, as Hall hit him for a long touchdown pass of 79 yards. Other than that, the wideouts were efficient albeit sort of quiet, as they weren't needed due to the running backs being so effective.

Tight Ends: B

You won't see many games where the Cougar tight ends were this quiet, as Dennis Pitta caught just three passes for 35 yards. Wyoming chose to double Pitta throughout the game, but it didn't pay dividends since Hall burned them again and again by utilizing his running backs a lot in the passing game.

Offensive Line: A-

They were very good, but did allow a little bit of pressure to get to Hall on a couple of occasions. They again proved dominant in their run blocking, getting a huge push up the field during most occasions. Where they showed very well was in releasing upfield and picking off would-be tacklers during screen plays.

Defensive Line: A

Russell Tialavea got a lot of work Saturday and looked the best he has this season. Jan Jorgensen was the benefactor of Tialavea's play, accounting for two sacks. The defensive front was dominant in holding Wyoming to three-and-outs throughout the game.

Linebackers: A-

When the defensive line plays as well as they did, it makes it relatively easy for the linebackers to make the plays that they did Saturday. The outside positions did very well in containment and in open-field pursuit, as Wyoming was unable to get outside and make big plays.

Safeties: A

They didn't have to do all that much due to the front seven being so effective, but when they had to they made plays. Both Scott Johnson and Andrew Rich were seen making big hits across the middle and in the offensive backfield.

Cornerbacks: A

Brian Logan was outstanding, as was Brandon Bradley. Both showed much more aggressive in closing on passes, as they both had a beat on whatever patterns Wyoming was trying to run. The backups saw a lot of work, as Lee Aguirre, Corby Eason and Robbie Buckner all got a lot of reps. Each of them responded well and provided little if any drop-off in effectiveness when they were in the game.

Special Teams: C

Riley Stephenson flirted with kicking the ball out of bounds all day, but did manage to just get it into the end zone for touchbacks on most occasions. The kick coverage was very good throughout the day.

O'Neill Chambers provided for some worries in returning punts, as he mishandled a punt that was fortunately recovered by the Cougars. Mitch Payne missed a field goal attempt, and all in all the Cougar special teams were somewhat average.

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