Cougar Curve: BYU 24, New Mexico 19

It wasn't the dominating performance most fans and pundits were predicting, but BYU did edge out a very weak Lobo football team, which is what matters most. Grades are in for every position group regarding their performance in Saturday's game.

Quarterback: C

It was the tale of two halves for Max Hall. After a very productive first half, the offense and Hall went relatively stagnant. He was consistently underthrowing receivers during the second half, while the offense never clicked enough to get ahead by a comfortable margin.

Hall's numbers were a respectable 21-of-33 for 314 yards, two touchdowns and just one interception despite his struggles, along with the struggles of the entire offense during the second half of the game. Following his lone interception on a screen pass, the offense seemed to revert back to five-step drops with little imagination in the play-calling, which may have aided in Hall's struggles.

Running Backs: C

Harvey Unga did not look like himself, appearing a little gimpy on his sprained ankle. J.J. Di Luigi wasn't able to play for most of the game after getting dinged up early, while Bryan Kariya had a potentially disastrous fumble that could have cost BYU the game. Manase Tonga also wasn't much of a factor.

It wasn't a terrible performance by any means, but it was a collectively underwhelming performance by the running backs overall and certainly not up to par with how they've performed during most games on the year.

Wide Receivers: B-

Both O'Neill Chambers and Luke Ashworth showed well, while McKay Jacobson and Spencer Hafoka chipped in a bit. Jacobson dropped an easy pass on a critical third-and-long situation, which was very uncharacteristic for him. Overall the wideouts were fine, although they certainly didn't put together a dominating outing.

Tight Ends: B+

The tight ends were productive, with Andrew George catching a big touchdown pass and Dennis Pitta emerging late to help move the offense and keep New Mexico at bay.

Offensive Line: C+

Braden Brown started at right tackle in place of the injured Nick Alletto and did a very good job relative to his scant experience at the position. Right-guard play was a problem, with Marco Thorson whiffing on a few blocks that resulted in losses of yardage or incomplete passes. Overall the offensive front was okay, but certainly not as dominant as one would expect when going up against a defense as porous as that of New Mexico.

Defensive Line: B-

New Mexico took advantage of some stunts early on, running toward the space vacated by the nose tackle for positive yardage. Overall the defensive line wasn't blown off the line of scrimmage during most instances, but they certainly weren't as dominant as they showed last week against Wyoming.

Linebackers: C+

Terrance Hooks went down with a career-ending patella tendon injury and the linebacking corps suffered as a result, as the inside linebackers again struggled to make many plays on the afternoon. On the outside both Jordan Pendleton and Coleby Clawson showed well in their pursuit and containment.

Cornerbacks: B

Brain Logan had an outstanding game and was probably the defensive MVP of the game, showing very well in coverage and in closing on plays in the open-field. Brandon Bradley made some good plays as well, but was beat a few times during critical situations. Overall the cornerbacks had a good outing.

Safeties: B

Andrew Rich is being used to blitz a lot more here of late and it's paying dividends. Rich is at his best when playing close to the line of scrimmage, and he was able to make some big plays on the day. Scott Johnson made some plays as well, although he was beat in coverage on occasion.

Special Teams: B-

Mitch Payne handled the kickoffs since Riley Stephenson was a bit gimpy, which showed in his below-par punts. Overall the special teams for the Cougars didn't play all that big of a factor, although Payne did boot through his lone field goal attempt.

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