Logan Has Seen it Before

Brian Logan has locked down the field corner position and is starting to show better with each and every game that he's out there. Despite being a bit vertically challenged, Logan has put forth some of the best cornerback play Cougar fans have seen in recent years. For Logan it's been a process very similar to what he experienced at Foothill Junior College.

Brian Logan is short, very short. Of all the diminutive cornerbacks that have manned the field position through the years, they don't come shorter than Logan.

In playing a position as exposed as the cornerback position is, fans, media and certainly opposing teams have noted that, yeah, he's really short. With his short 5-foot-6-inch stature, all of the disadvantages he may possess on the field come into full view very quickly.

"Seriously, if I were a quarterback and I saw me guarding one of the receivers, no question I'd throw it my way," said Logan. "I don't care how good the coverage was, if the guy was in his hip pocket, I'd still throw to him every time seeing how short his defender was. I know most quarterbacks do that with me."

What's happening, however, is quarterbacks are doing that less and less as Logan has risen to be one of the top defensive backs in the country in pass knock-downs in his first season starting for BYU. Logan, has been down this path before.

"I remember when I first started at Foothill almost every pass was going against me," he recalled. "As the season went on though, teams weren't throwing my way at all. I'd go to the coaches and ask why and they'd tell me that I was getting good coverage and teams didn't want to throw it against me because I'd make plays. I don't know if I was doing that good, but sort of the same thing is happening here for whatever reason. Hopefully it's because of my good coverage. I hope it is, at least."

While early on there were a lot of cries regarding Logan's obvious deficiencies at the position, those cries are now regarding how good he's been able to do with that size.

"I feel that these last two games I've especially done real well," he noted. "It's all part of getting more comfortable with the coverage scheme, I think. Coach Hill has really helped out there recently by changing things up a bit. We're now doing a lot more cover-two than we have and it's working. It's what we ran all the time at Foothill, so I'm feeling very comfortable with everything."

As impressive as his coverage may be, it's Logan's run support that may be the most noticeable and unlikely ability that he possesses. While most observers would shudder at the thought of a field corner's ability to tackle anyone in the open field, Logan has reached the point where the tackle is almost a given.

"I'm not afraid of anybody; this is football, you can't be scared and I'm not," he said. "I pride myself at being able to get guys down in the open field. My team depends on me to do that and there are no excuses. It doesn't matter that I'm smaller than just about everyone, my job is to bring the guy down no matter how big he is, so yeah, I definitely pride myself on that ability."

So far so good for Logan who, like most junior college transfers, came to BYU for the opportunity that he's now seized to start right away.

"Everything has worked out great so far and it's probably been better than I even expected," informed Logan. "I love the school, my teammates, coaches, everything about where I'm at right now. I know I'll have some more challenges, but I'll be up for them. I just need to keep working hard and not get complacent."

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