Why Recruiting Rankings are Stupid

You're kidding me, right? One national source has BYU's class rated as… top 30? Top 50? C'mon… it's gotta be in the top 75, doesn't it? Definitely top 100… no? No. 107?!? Yes, it's true. Some recruiting geniuses have BYU at No. 107 in the country, after all the Michigans (and that includes Central, Western and Eastern Michigan)!!!

I have always cautioned people to beware the Ides of March and Fervor of February. The recruiting fervor, that is.

Have you ever, EVER heard a coach say: "Man, our recruiting was disappointing. We flat out stunk and got our heads handed to us." No? Well, there's a reason for that and it's simple… on Signing Day, nobody loses. Like the press conference of a new coach, there aren't any loses yet and optimism is high.

Actually, on Signing Day nobody wins, either, and here's why.

Despite all the huffing and puffing of "gurus," no one knows how these BlueChip all-americans will turn out. If it was so easy to predict, then how the heck did Louisville beat Florida State this past season? And closer to home, how in the WORLD did Nevada and New Mexico beat BYU?

A couple years ago we had UCLA the No. 1 class in the country when the Bruins got DeSean Foster and Robert Thomas. So how did it translate: oh, Bob Toledo got fired this past season.

The secret is this: recruiting is a crapshoot. Nobody knows if Ofa will be all that, we think he will and of course there is a need to evaluate and make guesses but would you bet your house on predicting if he'll make MWC all-conference let alone the NFL? I wouldn't… remember Brandon Stephens, the Utah TE who was a Parade All-American heading to BYU? Wow, we missed the boat on that one.


Knowing that recruiting is an inexact science, and that you realistically can't compare recruits in Nevada to those in Florida to those in Indiana, how can Rivals.com have BYU's class rated No. 107 in the country?

C'mon, guys, the Cougars are powers like North Texas, Tulsa, Louisiana-Monroe and Army? Does anyone even know what conference Louisiana-Monroe is in?

Here's how Rivals100.com has the Mountain West ranked:

1-#48 SDSU
2-#53 UNLV
3-#70 Colorado State
4-#77 New Mexico
5-#88 Utah
6-#107 BYU
7-#110 Wyoming
8-#117 Air Force

Geesh, Air Force doesn't even release signees until the spring, and BYU's only 10 above them!

It's obvious this is a case of "Garbage in, garbage out," as the system Rivals uses just measures bodies, not the subjective stuff like filling holes, balance, etc. When there are 18,000 high schools you're going to miss a talented prospect here or there (hello, Jason Speredon) who should be much more highly ranked. In some cases, there are guys that nobody knows about like an Attig who end up being in the NFL.

So don't sweat too much, Cougar fans. I always humbly say, The more I know, the less I know" when it comes to recruiting, but this much I do know: BYU did NOT get the 107th best recruiting class in the country.

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