Van Noy Witnesses Rivalry Firsthand

While some top Cougar commits watched from the comfort of home, others watched BYU's victory over Utah in person at LaVell Edwards Stadium last Saturday. One of those to personally witness tight end Andrew George's game-winning overtime catch was linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

BYU's 2010 recruiting class is considered to be one of the best the Cougar program has hauled in and currently ranks among the best nationally. Kyle Van Noy, a top-rated linebacker (#11 nationally) out of McQueen High School in Nevada, committed to the Cougars last year but will join the Cougar program with those from the 2010 class. Van Noy was among the Cougar faithful at LaVell Edwards Stadium last Saturday.

"Well man, I don't know where to begin," said an excited Van Noy. "I just had a great time hanging out with the kids and enjoying the rivalry. It's one of the most underrated rivalries in the country. It's a game that always turns out to be a something good. As you saw, we were up 20-6 and with a momentum shift [Utah] was able to tie it up, but we were able to pull it out in the end. It was just awesome for us as fans and for the seniors. What a great way to leave college football for them."

Following BYU's overtime victory, an ecstatic crowd rushed the field and joined their Cougars out on the field. Adoring fans lifted and carried Cougar players up above the crowd.

"Wow, it was just amazing," recalled Van Noy. "It was just a great experience for players that haven't stepped onto the field yet to rush the field and be a part of that experience. I was just glad to be there with Bronson [Kaufusi] and Jordan [Afo], who were there. I was on top of the rail jumping onto the field and running out there with the team."

After only being able to score two field goals in three quarters of play, the Utes made it a contest by scoring 14 fourth-quarter points and sending the game into overtime. Many fans were nervous, but Van Noy was confident.

"I brought my brother to the game and before the game I had a feeling we were going to win," said Van Noy. "I remember before the TCU game, I didn't have that same feeling and for some reason I didn't feel it was going to be a good outcome. But this game against Utah, I had a good feeling that we were going to win. It was a great win for us, but I just felt that we were going to win it in overtime and didn't worry much about it because I felt we were going to win. Even when we were in overtime I just knew we were going to win it in the end."

Having experienced it firsthand, Van Noy is excited to be joining the BYU-Utah rivalry. In fact, the colors of the rivalry fit perfectly into place for him.

"I'm excited to be a part of this rivalry," said Van Noy. "It fits perfectly for me because I don't like red. My high school rival was red and so I was born to not like red, so that brings a plus to me and I'm so excited to get out there and play. Just knowing that you're playing against friends that might have passed up BYU and be able to say, ‘Now you know what you're missing out on' is going to be fun for me."

Utah quarterback Jordan Wynn was calm within the Utah offense, and displayed some poise and throwing abilities beyond his years as a true-freshman quarterback. Van Noy was impressed with Wynn's performance, but also noted that BYU's defense got the upper hand.

"Yeah, he was good, but man he took some hits from that defense," Van Noy said. "I know it rattled him pretty good because he was off the rest of the game after that. After Jordan Pendleton cracked him and Wynn went down to the ground, he wasn't the same after that. I thought that was good because after he was rattled he wasn't the same after that. I think BYU's defense might have gotten into his head a little bit, knowing there were players out on the field that could hit him. I think it might have scared him a little bit, but yeah, he's a good player and can throw some nice balls."

It won't be long before Van Noy can introduce himself to Wynn out on the field of play. In fact, it won't be long before the nation's top high school quarterback Jake Heaps and one of the nation's top receivers in Ross Apo join Van Noy at BYU.

"I finish school next week and have to take a final and all that," said Van Noy. "So I'm going down to L.A. after that to train really hard to get ready to come up to Provo. Hopefully I'll be there two days after Christmas to get ready. I think Jake and Ross, if everything goes well, will be there after the 16th of January. They play their All-American Bowl game on the 9th. Then they'll have one more week and then take their finals and then be at BYU the following week, but for me I'm getting more and more excited to get up there. Right now I'm just trying to handle my business and work out really hard to get ready for what's to come. I think around Christmas time I'll be really pumped up."

Let the next generation of rivals begin!

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