BYU Interested in Top JC Linebacker

With five senior linebackers graduating this year it would make sense to look to the junior college ranks in hopes of bringing in ready talent to fill in. The Cougar coaching staff is looking to Northern California, where they're beginning to recruit a former teammate of Brian Logan. TBS caught up with said recruit to learn more about him and where BYU is in the recruiting process.

Jeff Thomas is a 6-foot-1-inch, 235-pound inside linebacker recruit from Foothill Junior College. He was named his league's Defensive Player of the Year after starring at middle linebacker in Foothill's 4-3 defensive alignment.

"I had a really good year I felt," said Thomas. "I think I showed that I can compete at the next level [after] showing my speed from sideline to sideline and my overall knowledge of the game. So far some schools have noticed and I'm grateful for that."

Thomas holds offers from New Mexico State and UTEP. He's tripped to New Mexico State and will be tripping to UTEP this weekend.

"I really enjoyed my trip to New Mexico State" he said. "They have a good program and that would be a good choice for me."

Other schools inquiring about Thomas include Nevada, Indiana and most recently BYU. The interest in Thomas stems largely from his availability to transfer midyear, along with his overall play.

BYU contacted Thomas' coaches after viewing film on him that was hand-delivered by former teammate and good friend Brian Logan.

"[Logan] gave my film to their coaches and they were really impressed," related Thomas. "Their defensive coordinator first saw the film I believe and then had the other coaches view it and they all liked what they saw."

The BYU coaching staff immediately contacted the Foothill coaching staff, and now begins the process of getting them transcripts and whatnot so that they can be satisfied that Thomas can indeed transfer midyear.

"I'll graduate here soon," he related. "I still have to finish up a couple of classes, but I should pass those easily, get my degree and I'll be ready to transfer to a four-year school in a few weeks."

Thomas knows very little about BYU currently even though him and Logan keep contact. Most of their conversations are based upon how each other is doing, and Logan has not tried to push BYU on his former teammate as of yet.

"I know that he likes it there and that he's done real well," said Thomas. "Other than that I don't really know much about the school, but I'd obviously love to go on a trip there and see them up close. I know that they have a great football program, so that's definitely something that I like."

What BYU also has, which isn't lost on Thomas, is a void created by five graduating senior linebackers.

"Coaches have made it a point to let me know that they'll need to replace five guys immediately next season," said Thomas. "That's what you want, an opportunity to contribute and start right away. BYU seems to be the place where I could do that. Right now we'll see how it works out and if they offer and if I can trip there. It's going to be a real busy next couple of weeks for me trying to decide, to be sure."

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