Heaps Excited to Get to BYU

Quarterback Jake Heaps went 40-2 and won three state championships as Skyline High School's starting quarterback. Now the nation's top prep pigskin slinger plans on signing his letter of intent next week and is getting ready to bring his winning ways to Provo, Utah.

As a starting quarterback for Skyline High School, Jake Heaps has racked up some very impressive numbers in three years.

"My total yardage throwing is 9,994 yards passing and had 144 total touchdowns, with 114 throwing touchdowns with 18 interceptions," said Heaps. "I had a completion percentage of 63 and also had 30 running touchdowns. I think I ran for around 400 yards rushing."

Jake Heaps just won his third straight 4-A state championship title by beating Ferris High School 45-21. Heaps was 15-of-25 for 254 yards and four touchdowns, and he also rushed for one more.

However, the most impressive state for Heaps is not his completion percentage or all his touchdowns.

"Winning three straight championships is the biggest one for me," Heaps said. "All these stats are great, but when it comes down to it it's about winning games, and if you don't win games none of these stats mean a thing. It's been my goal as a high school football player to win three straight championships.

"Winning one state championship was an emotional ride and so unbelievable, and the second one was the same. The third one was so overwhelming and to be a part of it and having all that success has really been a blessing and is very humbling for sure. To finish out on top and to leave Skyline a state championship and all three of them were unbelievable. For me to leave this way as a senior is pretty special."

Fans may have seen the Sammamish Review reports with the photo of Jake Heaps holding the state championship trophy above his head, but they likely don't understand the significance of that event.

"Holding that trophy above my head was pretty special," said Heaps. "It was actually the first time that I actually got to touch the trophy. Before, I wanted all the seniors to enjoy that moment and to have that special moment and opportunity to be embellished with the trophy, so the reason why I hadn't touched the trophy until my senior year was because I wanted the seniors to have their moment. I was just happy to be a part of it and felt it was my job to get the trophy for the seniors. It was gratifying for me as an underclassman, so for me to finally be able to hold that trophy above my head was a special moment for me my senior year."

During the championship game, Heaps was able to hook up with teammate Kasen Williams three times for touchdowns, setting a title-game record.

"[Williams] played great and had eight catches for 86 yards and three touchdowns," said Heaps. "He had a big-time game and it was kind of fun ending the season like that. We've always talked about ending the season like that and going out with a bang."

Williams has a scholarship offer from BYU, among offers from many other schools.

"He is one of the most sought-after wide receivers in the country for his grade, and he's got a lot of people talking to him and I've just done my best to support him," said Heaps. "I really feel that if we are able to get him on campus and allow him to see around what the facilities are like and how the coaches are in person, I really feel like the chances are good and it's really all about getting him on campus. I know he'll come visit me and know we'll have our work cut out for us for sure, but it will be a lot of fun.

"I think BYU would be a good fit for him and know Kasen as a person. He adapts really well no matter what the environment is. He's a great kid and one of those guys that everyone loves to be around. I know the guys [at BYU] would embrace him and he would embrace the guys. It would be a great atmosphere for him and I think he knows that, but I think for him he would have to come see it for himself if it's the right fit for him."

Getting Williams on campus might happen sooner rather than later.

"He's talked about coming down and visiting me while I'm down there during spring practice," said Heaps. "We'll see if that happens and I would love to see him come down and check it out for himself. I would love him to come support his guy during spring practice, but like I said he'll be one of the more sought-after receivers in the country, so his time is going to be very busy. I know if he did it would be a lot of fun and [he] would have a good time."

Meanwhile, Heaps and Cougar wide receiver commit Ross Apo are taking their official visits to BYU this weekend.

"We've bugged the coaches about the whole snowmobile thing," said Heaps. "I was there last year for my unofficial visit and saw all the guys having fun snowmobiling last year. I remember me and my dad drove up to the mountain and followed all the guys up there. We watched them all put on their gear and all that stuff, and then watched them drive off on their snowmobiles. I remember thinking, ‘Man, I want to do that.' Now we'll have to chance to do that and I'm excited."

After the two visit BYU, they'll both be signing their letters of intent to play football at BYU next Wednesday. However, there won't be any media frenzy like that which followed Heaps and Apo during their highly publicized commitment announcement earlier in the year.

"We're both very excited about that," said Heaps. "I will sign mine at his house and he will sign his LOI at his home. It won't be anything too big and we'll make it nice and easy and get that done. We want to get this signed as soon as possible and get it done.

"You know, I'm just ecstatic about getting going at BYU. I remember as soon as my season was over, that next Sunday I couldn't sleep knowing that I had school the next day because I was thinking about it. I was excited about the future and BYU and was wondering what I needed to work on now knowing I had to be ready for college life and for what Coach Omer was going to put us through. I'm just really excited about it. Me and Ross are going to participate in the Army All-American Bowl game and then the next week I'll be taking my finals. So I will be down at BYU, I think, around January 16th or 17th. I'm very excited about it and it's almost here."

Both Heaps and Apo plan on getting to BYU early to also help with the hosting of recruits making official visits to the campus.

"That will be a lot of fun and we'll be able to show these guys around a little bit and tell them more about BYU. I think it will be very valuable to be able to do that."

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