Quezada to Decide this Weekend

Joshua Quezada from La Habra, California has played it to the end in regards to his recruiting. With him planning to graduate early, he will need to decide on a college in the coming weeks and has determined this weekend to be when he makes his final decision. TBS caught up with Quezada to learn more of why he could choose each of the four schools that he's still considering.

Joshua Quezada is a 5-foot-11-inch, 205-pound running back/safety prospect from La Habra, California. Having set the field on fire once again this year, he's now turning his attention to the four schools with open offers for him.

In graduating early, he aims on contributing right away to the school he'll commit to. Each school has unique aspects that he likes, along with some detriments that may keep him away.

One of the schools he's considering is Hawaii, which has a coaching staff that he trusts and some opportunities that are attractive to him.

"They're only recruiting one other running back, so I think I could play right away there, which is something that is important to me," said Quezada about Hawaii. "I also like that their coaching staff will be there for a while, definitely for the four years that I'll be there. That's something I like a lot."

When it comes to Utah, he's enamored with their culture and winning traditions.

"Utah is a winning program," he said. "I really like that about them. I also love the environment there. It's a good feeling when I'm in Utah visiting both Utah and BYU and I like that. I've grown real close to a lot of the players on Utah's team and they have a real close feel to them, which I want."

Quezada is also thoroughly convinced that he can play sooner rather than later should he choose Utah.

"They have their senior running back that tore his ACL, so there's an opening," he said. "Utah is a place where I could play running back right away and not have to wait a year."

He had much of the same things to say about BYU.

"BYU is real close and a winning program, just like Utah," said Quezada. "I've really grown close to a lot of the players and recruits that are going to sign with them. Jake Heaps is someone I talk to more than any player or recruit from any of the other schools. I really like Jake as a person, but I'm also impressed with how good he is. He's a big recruit and I'd love to play with a guy like that."

Quezada sports long hair much in the same style of Troy Polamalu from the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's aware that to attend BYU he'll have to cut his long hair, which is his main hang-up about signing with BYU.

"It's definitely my big concern with signing with BYU," he confirmed. "I've had long hair and I like having it, so cutting it won't be easy and that is my main thing about BYU and why I may not go there. I love everything else about them and they're definitely one of my favorites."

He's also become aware of BYU's running back situation and sees that as a plus.

"Their top running back is a junior, but they tell me that he's likely to leave after this year, so that may open things up for me," he said. "Their starting fullback is a senior, so I could play there and replace him. I know that I'd have a chance to play immediately at BYU."

Quezada's big hang-up with Washington is that they've been clear that they have no plans for him to play his favored position, which is running back.

"They want me as a safety and if I decide that safety is where I need to play, then I'll choose Washington," he said. "I love the city, the weather and the atmosphere up in Washington. I really like their young coaching staff and how easy they are to talk to. I just need to be fine with playing safety. I do know that they have a lot of guys graduating and that I could play safety immediately for them."

Although he does intend to commit this weekend, Quezada is aware that he can push that back if he hasn't made up his mind by then. TBS will follow up accordingly.

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