Ricky Heimuli "Wide Open"

As signing day looms near, Ricky Heimuli is keeping his options wide open. Having taken two official trips already with as many as four more scheduled for the coming month, he could end up anywhere, but he does know what type of school he does want to play for. TBS caught up with Heimuli to learn more of where he stands and what his plans are.

Ricky Heimuli is a 6-foot-4-inch, 285-pound defensive line prospect from Brighton High School in Sandy, Utah. His stock went sky-high after some impressive camp and combine outings, and his price hasn't dipped much at all as he gets set to make his commit decision.

Heimuli has been offered by just about everyone and couldn't even begin to name all of the schools when asked.

"Geez, I really don't know how many," said Heimuli about his offers. "I have offers from just about every Pac-10 school, BYU and Utah and some Big-12 schools too."

His two visits so far have been to Oregon State, which he visited back in early October, and most recently Oregon, which he visited the first weekend of December.

"I really like Oregon State and the atmosphere there," related Heimuli. "It's real mellow and just a nice town. I liked it a lot. The coaching staff is very supportive and easy to talk to as well."

He was very impressed with Oregon's facilities and game-day atmosphere, but the thing that stuck with him was the Ducks' academic center.

"They really support their athletes with their academics and that's the most important thing for me," said Heimuli. "Academics is the most important thing, so it was great to see the resources available to me at Oregon to help me pursue my academic goals."

He was also able to attend the Civil War game between Oregon and Oregon State, which he considered the highlight of his trip.

"It was just crazy," said Heimuli about the game. "It was so exciting to be there and be in that atmosphere. I loved it and it was the highlight of my trip for sure."

While he's garnered a lot of attention from out-of-state schools, he still has both BYU and Utah well in mind. Having close cousins that play for BYU and Utah, he gets an earful from both sides.

"My cousins always call me and try to get me to come play with them," said Heimuli regarding his cousins Latu Heimuli, who plays for Utah, and Anthony Heimuli, who plays for BYU. "I'm really close to both of them, so playing with either of them would be great."

He's taken time to visit both BYU and Utah on some unofficial visits and stressed that both of the local schools are in the running as he hones in on his final decision.

"I really like both schools and they both have great things that would make me want to sign with them," said Heimuli about BYU and Utah. "I know a lot about both schools and I hope to take official trips to both of them coming up, although I haven't scheduled anything for sure with them yet."

He has scheduled trips with both Washington and UCLA, which he'll be taking in the coming weeks. All in all, he's as wide open as one could be.

"I just want to take my trips and then decide," said Heimuli. "I want to sign with a school that will respect my mission plans and that has great academics. I also want to play for a quality program, but academics and mission plans are the most important things to me. I'll have to decide here soon, but right now I'm just looking at every school before I decide."

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